A Message for all Yukoners from Local Y031

Dear Yukoners Some distractions may have diverted your attention from the reasons we are on strike. We would like to take a few moments to remind everyone why we are out here on the street in our strike’s fourth week, spending our days outside in the cold, walking a picket... Read more

Many Rivers Illegally Bars Members from Participation

As the management of Many Rivers Counselling and Support Services continues to deny their staff the fair working conditions needed to ensure the wellbeing of the community, they have now turned their back on their own Society members – denying them the right to participate in decision-making.  Read more

Many Rivers’ Surprise AGM Deemed Invalid by YG

Society’s New Member Moratorium also Struck Down The surprise Annual General Meeting planned for November 23 by the Many Rivers Counselling and Support Services Society will not be recognized by the Registrar of Societies for the Government of Yukon.  It was confirmed by the Registrar of Societies on Friday November... Read more

Many Rivers Funding, AGM & Member Moratorium

Funding to Many Rivers Society has, we are advised, been halted by the Government of Yukon until the society is once again in compliance with their obligations under the Societies Act. The not-for-profit organization received over 2 million dollars in 2016-2017 from the Government of Yukon, a sum representing the... Read more

Why are we On Strike?

To All Yukoners: As many of you know, Many Rivers’ counsellors and staff are currently on strike. Our decision to strike came about after long due process and careful consideration. We have sincere concerns about how this strike is affecting our clients; this was a last resort decision. Over the... Read more

Many Rivers Local Y031 Serves Strike Notice

  The Bargaining Team and the Union representing YEU/PSAC Local Y031 were unable to reach an agreement with Many Rivers Counselling & Support Services management, despite final conciliation talks held today in Whitehorse. The Public Service Alliance of Canada has served strike notice with the Canada Industrial Relations Board on... Read more

Karp Prepared to Privatize City's Public Services

It's no surprise Mayoral candidate Rick Karp is cozy with the private sector. He was, after all, the voice and face of business in our city for many years. Though he has left his role as head of the Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce, his lasting loyalty to the city's business... Read more

Happy Labour Day from YEU

Happy 124th Labour day, Canada!  From its humble beginnings in 1872, it was over 20 years before a National Holiday honoring workers was declared in 1894.  Canadian workers paid dearly with blood, sweat, tears and sometimes their lives to achieve a 58 hour work week – the first battle won... Read more