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YEU Newsletter, September 2021

In this issue: Union Training in a Virtual World; YG Bargaining Conference - Let's Get to the Table; Lisa Vollans-Leduc, from Local Activist to Federal Candidate; The History of Bargaining in PSAC - Cal Best; Coming events and more. Read more

From Local Activist to Federal Candidate

YEU: What inspired you to get involved in the union? Did you come from a union family? LVL: My dad worked at Chrysler, CAW Local 444. He got the job at 19 years old about a week before he and my 17 year old mom got married. He knew that... Read more

This Labour Day, Solidarity is Critical

Merriam Webster defines Solidarity as “a feeling of unity between people who have the same interests and goals.”  The experiences we have shared since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic have shown us the value of collective action to advance a common cause and defeat our common enemy. Global lockdowns... Read more

Mandatory Vaccination Policies and Workers

YEU supports the implementation of mandatory vaccines for workers as a powerful tool to help ensure safe workplaces for the health of the public, and for all workers.  The use of discipline or threats of termination to enforce vaccination policies will not be accepted, and we will oppose any attempts... Read more

July Laundry Project CANCELLED

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, YEU has cancelled our July 13 laundry event to protect public health. We will follow CMOH guidelines to decide whether it’s prudent to hold our August 10 laundry night, and will let you know our plans early in August.  We’ve attached a graphic... Read more

YEU Newsletter, June 2021

In this issue: YEU Triennial Convention planning; YG and City of Whitehorse Bargaining Updates; Workplace Violence & Harassment Prevention Training; New PSAC REVP North; YG OH&S Failure; Accommodations Practices at YG's DMU Read more

Honouring our Strength; National Indigenous Peoples Day 2021

As we turn our minds to National Indigenous Peoples Day I wonder, what we do have to celebrate? As a proud Tlingit/Tagish woman from the Carcross/Tagish First Nation, I hope my relations can find reasons to celebrate our resilience on June 21st.  Our cultures and languages were once almost lost,... Read more

YEU Education Bursaries 2021

The Bursary Application Intake for 2021 is now open. YEU is pleased to offer 8 annual bursaries of $1000 each to full or part-time students pursuing post-secondary education in an academic field or the trades. Members and their dependents are eligible to apply.  All required documents must accompany the application... Read more

Union Orientation for YG Workers in Continuing Care

All employees who work in Continuing Care are invited to attend an Orientation to Your Union session. Whether you are new to the job or not, you can plan to come and connect with your Union. Join us for a 45-minute session to find out about your rights in the... Read more

Today, we Remember

Canada’s Parliament passed the Workers Mourning Day Act in 1991, enshrining April 28 as a National Day of Mourning eight years after the day of remembrance was launched by the Canadian Labour Congress. Today the Day of Mourning is observed in more than 100 countries, is recognized as Workers’ Memorial... Read more
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