2023 Convention Delegate Deadlines are Approaching!

There are some very important deadlines approaching quickly for delegates to the YEU Triennial Convention October 27-29. Please see the list below and ensure you've done everything necessary for a successful convention. 


  • Hotel Booking Deadline: September 25th.

    If you are a non-Whitehorse resident, please reach out to Haley Philipsen via email to secure your accommodations. Reminder: please do not book your own room - YEU has a block of rooms reserved.
  • Leave Form Submission Deadline: October 1st.

    Ensure you complete the YEU Wages for Leave without pay form online and submit it by this date. Your leave has to be approved before submitting the form linked above.  If your leave request is denied, please contact YEU immediately. We can advocate for you.
  • Training:

    Enroll in and complete the PSAC’s Virtual Convention Preparation Course.This is a self-paced, online course that should be completed ahead of convention. Being prepared and understang the rules and processes of a convention will give you the confidence to participate fully.

  • Withdrawal:

The Deadline to withdraw as a delegate has passed. Your voice is important and your Local members are looking to you as their representative at this important event. Please do not withdraw except in an emergency.


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