You should find all of the member information and resources here that you require, including upcoming training and events.

The Union Advantage

Membership means

  • Improved wages
  • Enhanced non-wage benefits
  • Additional leave provisions
  • Fairer scheduling
  • Pay equity
  • Negotiated terms and conditions
  • Better protection from lay-off
  • Equal rights
  • More access to pensions
  • Access to representation and grievances
  • Greater respect
  • Increased worker power
  • Social justice fund


New member


You are now a member of one of the 25+ Locals in the Yukon Employees' Union. A Local is a group of members organized at the workplace level (like Yukon College) to create a well-organized link between members and the larger union structure. YEU is one of 17 components of the Public Service Alliance of Canada.  

Sign a Union card

New members must sign a Membership Card. This is typically done on one of your first days of work. If you haven't filled one out, check with your Human Resources department. You can come to our office to fill one out, we can send it to you, or your Local Union rep may contact you. Your permanent card will arrive in the mail within about 3 months.

Collective Agreements

Your collective agreement is the contract negotiated between your union and your employer. It outlines the rights and duties of all parties. It typically covers issues like overtime, sick leave, and much more. Your HR department should supply you with a printed copy of your CA or you can access it on by selecting your Local on our Locals page.

Your Contacts

Your Local President is responsible for coordinating the administration of Local affairs and is the chief spokesperson of the Local in its dealings with management. Your Chief Shop Steward recruits and advises stewards, and aids communication between them. They ensure the proper application of Collective Agreements, acts and regulations.  You can find their contact information by selecting your Local on our Locals page.

Your Website

You should be able to find virtually everything you need on this website. Information that is relevant to all members (regardless of their Local) will be in the For Members section. Information specific to your local will be under the Locals section. If there is something that you can't find get in touch with us using the Contact page.

Stay in Touch

Sign up for our electronic newsletter & important updates. We send out our e-digest about every 2 weeks. Other updates or emails will come rarely, and at times of important union events like contract negotiations or important meetings. You can unsubscribe at any time if you change your mind. You'll receive our hard copy newsletter in the mail. Subscribe to YEU's Electronic Newsletter below.

Benefits of Membership

To provide the best possible service to its members, YEU and the PSAC have negotiated preferential rates and discounts with various service providers. YEU members have access to exclusive savings though this program which translates to added value for you! We are always looking for new partnerships to help our members save money and access great services at home and away.

Download our updated Benefits of Membership sheet


Why should I care about bargaining?

Your collective agreement protects you in your workplace. It outlines the rights and responsibilities of the employee and the employer, including hours of work, overtime, vacation, sick, family-related and other types of leave, grievance procedures, pay, benefits, and much more. It is essentially your rule book for life at work. During the bargaining process, members let us know what needs to be changed or added to the collective agreement. We refer to this as bargaining input, and it is used to help shape the next collective agreement.

How does the bargaining process work?

6 months before your collective agreement expires, your bargaining unit makes a call for bargaining input. This is your opportunity to contribute your ideas. Submit your input on a Bargaining Input form.

3 to 4 months later, bargaining input closes. Your bargaining unit elects a bargaining committee. They prioritize and merge the many proposals that members have given them. This committee elects a small negotiating team that (with the help of a PSAC negotiator) prepares a package to be used in negotiations with the employer. If the current collective agreement expires before negotiations are completed, the employer will honour the expired agreement.

What if an issue arises between collective agreements?

If there is an urgent matter that cannot wait until the next round of bargaining, there may be a solution. Revisions can be made to collective agreements during their lifespan. To begin this procedure, you would want to file a grievance. You can find more information about this on our Problems at Work page.

How can you provide input?

Bargaining input kits are typically distributed to Locals before input begins. Online bargaining kits will also be available when the next round of bargaining begins.

Download and print the Bargaining Input Form. Get as many signatures as you can in support of your suggestion, and return the form to your Local President, your Chief Shop Steward or the Yukon Employees’ Union Office.

Problems at Work

Look at your collective agreement

Your collective agreement outlines the rights and responsibilities of you and and your employer, including hours of work, overtime, vacation, sick, family-related and other types of leave, grievance procedures, pay, benefits, and much more. There is a very good chance that your question will be answered within this agreement.

When you started work, your Human Resources department should have supplied you with a printed copy of your collective agreement. You can also view it online on from your Local’s page by choosing your local.

Contact your President or Steward

The President is responsible for coordinating the administration of Local affairs. They are the chief spokesperson of the Local in its dealings with management.

The Chief Steward recruits and advises stewards, and aids communication between them. They are responsible for ensuring the proper application of collective agreements, acts and regulations.You can find their contact information from your Local’s page by choosing your local.

Contact YEU

If you have problems finding what you are looking for after you have looked at your collective agreement, if your president/steward is unavailable, or you just don’t know what step to take next, we are available to help you out.

Visit our contact page to get in touch with us.

Get Involved

Attend your Local Meetings

YEU is a strong union with many Locals. Most Locals have monthly meetings and they really need the contribution and input of members like you. We also participate in lots of community events throughout the Territory. The only way we can maintain this is through a vibrant group of volunteers. We hope you will help out with one of our events and donate some time to make your union more effective. If you aren’t sure what you can offer, just stop by to meet people with common interests. Check out our events calendar.

Become a shop steward

If you want to become a workplace advocate for your co-workers, you may want to become a shop steward. You will become an asset in your workplace, and you will gain confidence and skills that are transferable into all aspects of your life and work. Notify YEU or your Local President/Chief Steward and let them know that you are interested.

Join a committee

Any member in good standing can sit on a committee. You may be interested in joining one of PSAC’s Regional Equity Committees:

Contact the PSAC office at 668-8593 if you are interested.


YEU Education Bursaries 2020

The fall of 2020 may prove to be the most unusual back-to-school we've ever experienced. At YEU, we know you have lots to consider, lots to plan, and more than a few things to worry about as you prepare for your studies this year. We hope we can help. 

YEU is proud to offer 8 Education Bursaries annually, each for $1000.  These bursaries are offered to Yukon students planning to pursue studies in an accredited post-secondary school - on campus or through online education as a result of changes due to Covid-19. To be eligible, you must either be a member of Yukon Employees’ Union or be the dependent of a YEU member. If you need information or have questions please contact us by email or call our office at 867-667-2331

Applications for the 2020-2021 academic year are now being accepted. The deadline for submission is September 30th, 2020.  All required documents must accompany the application in order to be considered eligible. Submissions can be made by mail or electronically, using the form below. Required documents can be uploaded using the digital form, or sent by mail. 

Successful applicants will be advised by mid-October; it’s important to provide a permanent address where we can reach you in the fall.