YEU Digital Membership Application

Please submit this digital application form to become a full member in good standing with YEU/PSAC. Our office will send you the official Membership card to sign, along with a stamped self-addressed envelope. This hard copy signature is required by the Canadian Industrial Relations Board; we apologize for the extra step but it's worth it!

As a union member you already benefit from the advantages of a negotiated Collective Agreement. Better wages and benefits, health and safety improvements and the union's workplace assistance should you need help are powerful reasons to sign a card.  Membership also provides the opportunity to participate in the Democratic process of union elections and conventions, and to be active in your union Local. 

As a full member, you're also eligible for some excellent members-only benefits. These benefits include discounts and savings at companies both local and national, 10k FREE Life Insurance, and eligibility to apply for one of YEU's 8 annual Educational Bursaries of $1000 each. 

Membership (person level):
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