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YEU Statement on Implementation of YG's Mandatory Vaccination Regulation

Media RELEASE 30 November 2021 For Immediate Release Like most unions in North America, Yukon Employees’ Union supports vaccinations as an important tool to foster workplace safety. As an Occupational Health and Safety measure, vaccination is our best choice. And while we support the goals of a mandate, we have... Read more

YEU and the Vaccine Mandate

If you are a YEU member, odds are you have read or heard something about the union's position on the vaccination mandate. We want to make it clear where we stand in case any uncertainty remains.  Does YEU support the vaccine mandate? YES Does YEU believe workers should be vaccinated?... Read more

Union Membership while on Leave Without Pay

If you are a member of the Yukon Employees' Union who expects to be placed on Leave Without Pay after the November 30 deadline, we encourage you to complete the form linked below. Doing so will send a request to the PSAC head office in Ottawa that your union membership... Read more

YG Mandatory Vaccine Requirements Confirmed without Consultation

"As previously announced, in alignment with the recommendation of a/CMOH and as will be required by law, all public servants are required to have their first dose of COVID-19 vaccination by November 30, 2021; and their second dose by January 30, 2022." With those words and with the reinstatement of... Read more

YEU Convention Delegates Elect New Executive

The Yukon Employees' Union convened virtually for our Triennial Convention last week, after a year long COVID-19 delay. Delegates joined from their kitchen tables and home offices around the Territory to set the union's mandate for the next two years. Incumbent President Steve Geick was acclaimed, while Vice President, Communities... Read more

YG Response to YEU, October 29th

November 1, 2021 On Friday October 29 in the midst of the YEU Triennial Convention, YEU President Steve Geick met with Minister John Streicker for an update on the government's progress with their mandatory vaccine policy for Yukon workers. Unfortunately no new information was provided, and the policy is still... Read more

Minister Streicker Commits to Review of Vaccine Policy

October 25, 2021 The October 15th announcement of a looming mandatory vaccination policy has sent a chill through the Territory. The vague announcement has thousands of Yukoners anxious and uncertain about whether they will be out of work following the November 30th vaccination deadline. YEU President Steve Geick met today with... Read more

Mandatory Vaccine Policy - UPDATE Oct. 21

October 21, 2021 Yukon Employees’ Union leadership met Wednesday with the Government of Yukon. They are working to develop a plan or policy to support the employee vaccination mandate announced October 15th.  We have provided the Public Service Commission with our concerns and have passed on those brought to us... Read more

YEU and the Mandatory Vaccine Policy

October 18, 2021 YEU President Steve Geick was interviewed today by CBC radio's Leonard Linklater, asking for the Union's response to the vaccine policy announced Friday October 15th. The Union's position is clear on both the importance of the vaccine policy and the obligation of employers to seek alternatives to... Read more

Vaccines and Your Rights at Work

Q 3: Can my employer require me to be vaccinated? No one can be physically forced to get a vaccine against their will. However, employers have an obligation to keep workplaces safe and, in the context of a global pandemic, may require employees to be vaccinated to continue to work.  Given the Government of Canada has recently announced that it will require vaccination for employees... Read more
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