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YEU Education Bursaries 2021

The Bursary Application Intake for 2021 is now open. YEU is pleased to offer 8 annual bursaries of $1000 each to full or part-time students pursuing post-secondary education in an academic field or the trades. Members and their dependents are eligible to apply.  All required documents must accompany the application... Read more

Union Orientation for YG Workers in Continuing Care

All employees who work in Continuing Care are invited to attend an Orientation to Your Union session. Whether you are new to the job or not, you can plan to come and connect with your Union. Join us for a 45-minute session to find out about your rights in the... Read more

Today, we Remember

Canada’s Parliament passed the Workers Mourning Day Act in 1991, enshrining April 28 as a National Day of Mourning eight years after the day of remembrance was launched by the Canadian Labour Congress. Today the Day of Mourning is observed in more than 100 countries, is recognized as Workers’ Memorial... Read more

Day of Mourning 2021, Yukon

  The Human Cost of COVID-19 Canada’s unions are marking the National Day of Mourning by calling attention to the human cost of the COVID-19 pandemic. For over a year, the world has faced unprecedented upheaval due to COVID-19. The virus and its variants have wrought havoc on our society... Read more

Occupational Health & Safety Failure at Yukon Government

A recent review of documents obtained through ATIPP and provided anonymously to YEU makes it clear that the Public Service Commission of the Yukon Government has consistently failed to provide meaningful leadership in the arena of health and safety. How many Health & Safety audits has the Government of Yukon... Read more

Unions and Climate Change

We Are All in This Together. COVID-19 quickly reminded everyone on the planet of how we are truly all connected. In response to the devasting impacts of the pandemic, governments around the world made swift decisions to protect the public and implemented unprecedented emergency measures. As a result, we have... Read more

YEU Newsletter, March 2021

In this issue: YEU pays tribute to two leaders in the Yukon labour movement, Percy Andrews and Jo-Anne Smith. Unions & Climate Change - We're All in This Together; David Anderson leaves YEU; Time Out Yukon and more. Read online here: Read more

YEU President Responds to Sandy Silver

February 16, 2021 "It's simply not true that 60 per cent of continuing care workers were off the job last Friday, and I think that's irresponsible to spread misinformation and potentially stoking fears about the vaccine rollout," Silver said. Premier Silver: It seems there is a lot of misinformation floating... Read more

Covid Vaccine Side Effects & Sick Leave

EDITED FEB. 9 2021 According to the YG Public Service Commission, the initial numbers provided to both the PSC and YEU stating roughly 60% of Continuing Care staff were off sick Friday February 5th were inaccurate, or overstated. The employer has since informed us that the 60% was in fact... Read more