McPhee, Midwives and YEU

Media Release April 20, 2022 Yukon Government must deliver a healthy Midwifery Strategy Yukon Employees’ Union has watched with interest as Minister McPhee plays dodge and weave to avoid any responsibility for the overdue implementation of the Yukon’s midwifery program. Choosing to bargain in the media is not our usual... Read more

International Women's Day 2022

On March 8, International Women's Day will be celebrated around the world. These celebrations take place while women in the Ukraine stand in defiant protest to block army convoys and women in Yemen stand fiercely to defend their families, homeland and rights. Women, with their individual and collective power have... Read more

YEU Newsletter, March 2022

In this issue: Notes from the Bargaining Table; Sexual Harassment, when will YG Learn? OH&S - We Need Your Help -Joint Health & Safety Committees; Notes from our Community; Freedom Protests - YEU's Statement, and more.   Read more

Leave Request Denied; what can you do?

It’s been a long couple of years – the world has been turned upside down and you really need some time off to regroup and decompress. The leave request has been submitted and you're really looking forward to the break. The tickets are booked and you've already started looking for... Read more

YEU Newsletter, December 2021

In this issue: Vaccination Regulations at Work, Notes from the Bargaining Table (Yukon government, City of Whitehorse), YEU & PSAC Launch Local Organizer Pilot Project, Notes from President and Vice Presidents, New Member Discount - Mount Sima and more. Read newsletter online: View downloadable PDF here. Read more

What the Numbers Don't Say

MEDIA RELEASE    6 December 2021   What the Numbers Don’t Tell Us  Serious staffing shortages have long plagued the Yukon’s public service. The recent loss of roughly 6% of the workforce to leave without pay has only highlighted the problem. Minister Streicker shared numbers last week and although we don’t... Read more

YEU Statement on Implementation of YG's Mandatory Vaccination Regulation

Media RELEASE 30 November 2021 For Immediate Release Like most unions in North America, Yukon Employees’ Union supports vaccinations as an important tool to foster workplace safety. As an Occupational Health and Safety measure, vaccination is our best choice. And while we support the goals of a mandate, we have... Read more

YEU and the Vaccine Mandate

If you are a YEU member, odds are you have read or heard something about the union's position on the vaccination mandate. We want to make it clear where we stand in case any uncertainty remains.  Does YEU support the vaccine mandate? YES Does YEU believe workers should be vaccinated?... Read more

Union Membership while on Leave Without Pay

If you are a member of the Yukon Employees' Union who expects to be placed on Leave Without Pay after the November 30 deadline, we encourage you to complete the form linked below. Doing so will send a request to the PSAC head office in Ottawa that your union membership... Read more

YG Mandatory Vaccine Requirements Confirmed without Consultation

"As previously announced, in alignment with the recommendation of a/CMOH and as will be required by law, all public servants are required to have their first dose of COVID-19 vaccination by November 30, 2021; and their second dose by January 30, 2022." With those words and with the reinstatement of... Read more
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