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Keith Smyth, Senior Labour Relations Advisor

Yukon Employees’ Union welcomes Senior Labour Relations Advisor, Keith Smyth. Keith joined our team in February of 2023. Keith is a red-seal certified journeyman in both agricultural equipment and heavy equipment, born and raised on a mixed dryland farm in Southwest Alberta. Keith has worked in the trade in many... Read more

YEU Community Laundry Project

Getting through your laundry without a washer and dryer at home is expensive. Yukon Employees' Union is happy to re-launch our important Community Laundry Project, an opportunity to do your laundry for FREE at the Family Hotel Laundromat. Join us for our FREE LAUNDRY night, Tuesday March 7th from 6-9pm!... Read more

Nurses' bonuses program 'a fiasco': YEU

Nurses’ bonuses program ‘a fiasco’: YEU The president of the union representing nurses under Yukon government employment says payment delays for bonus packages promised back in December raise serious concerns “about the potential violation of workers’ rights” and “human rights.” By Ethan Lycan-Lang Photo by Whitehorse Star Whitehorse Star, published February 17,... Read more

YEU Newsletter Jan-Feb 2023

In this issue: Support for Community Initiatives, YG Bargaining, New Staff at YEU, Teresa Acheson (President Yukon Federation of Labour) and more. Download full issue PDF here Read more

Update on Delayed Bonus Payments for Yukon Nurses

MEDIA RELEASE 15 February 2023 Potential Human Rights Violations at Stake The recent delay in the disbursement of bonus payments promised to the healthcare workforce in the Yukon Territory has raised serious concerns about the potential violation of workers' rights, including human rights. The promised bonuses were intended to retain existing... Read more

We're at Impasse; Now What?

Negotiations between PSAC/YEU and the Government of Yukon began in late 2021. Since June 2022, the parties (union and management) have worked with a federally appointed conciliator in an effort to reach a negotiated contract. On January 12th 2023, the conciliator concluded that mediation was not successful in bringing the... Read more

Yukon Government Violates Casual Workers' Rights

Nov. 17, 2022 Casuals in the Yukon Government and their fundamental right to Freedom of Association There is a category of precarious worker in the Yukon that is currently barred by law from joining a union. They have no protection from being fired without just cause, they cannot file a... Read more

YG Bargaining Declared at Impasse

Yukon Government Bargaining Reaches Impasse Talks between the Public Service Alliance of Canada and Government of Yukon broke down late January 12th. The federally appointed mediator has “concluded that the parties have reached a point where, at this time, further mediation would not be productive” and as such, the mediator... Read more

Connective Workers Unionize with YEU/PSAC

MEDIA RELEASE12 January 2023 Connective Workers in the Yukon Join the Public Service Alliance of Canada PSAC and the Yukon Employees’ Union are pleased to announce that the workers of Connective Support Society at worksites in the Yukon have chosen to join the Public Service Alliance of Canada, and the certification has... Read more

We Wanted a Fair Deal for Christmas...

Our letter to Santa was pretty short; all we wanted for Christmas was a fair deal for all YG workers. What we got was a lump of coal and an invitation to try again in the New Year. We recently updated you on our bargaining sessions held in late November.... Read more
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