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YEU Covid-19 Update for Members - May 14

There's quite a bit to talk about this week - I hope you'll bear with me, and read through to the end.  Today, Premier Sandy Silver announced A Path Forward -Yukon's plan for lifting Covid-19 restrictions.  Employers around the territory are establishing plans to re-open as soon as they are... Read more

YEU Covid-19 Update for Members - May 8

We are starting to hear rumblings about back to work planning. While we all look forward to a return to normal, we know the devil is in the details, and safety considerations must guide any move toward the re-opening of workplaces. A few worksites have already reopened in the Yukon,... Read more

Member Update - Covid19, April 8

This is another long message but I hope you will read through to the end. As we navigate this pandemic, I want to share information from our Locals as it becomes available. Of course, almost as soon as something becomes news, it's replaced by a new or updated plan or... Read more

YEU Covid-19 Update for Members - May 29

It's a very tense time for many, with concerns about return to work, frustration with the Yukon government's pandemic pay plan, and questions about what your union has been doing to protect your rights. Added worry about the impacts of ongoing business and border closures, financial strain and anxiety about... Read more

Return To Work - Yukon Workers' Compensation Health & Safety Board

The following is from the YWCHSB website, dated May 20, 2020.  RETURN TO THE WORKPLACE As the economy starts to reopen, gradually, we will see businesses resume, stay-at-home restrictions lifted and workers return to physical workplaces. Planning is essential to protect the health and safety of workers and the public.... Read more

YEU Covid-19 Member Update May 22

“The bottom line is this: If you’re risking your health to keep this country moving and you’re making minimum wage, you deserve a raise” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said at a news conference in early May. Yukon workers have been waiting to see if the territorial government has any plans... Read more

PSAC Postpones Conventions 'til 2021

Public health directives in response to the COVID-19 pandemic have banned public gatherings, closed many workplaces, and enforced the self-isolation of Canadians across the country. Adherence to these directives and the uncertainty of their duration has led the Public Service Alliance of Canada's National Board of Directors to postpone all scheduled... Read more

Celebrating May Day 2020

Today we celebrate May Day, or International Workers' Day. On 1 May, 1886, labour unions in the US decided to go on a strike demanding that workers should not be made to work for more than 8 hours a day. Just three days after the strike began, a blast occurred... Read more

Member Update - Covid-19 April 24

It's Friday again and we're still working from home, taking care of our families and for many, acting as assistant educators at the same time. Lots of our members are going to work, doing their best every day to keep Yukoners fed, housed, and healthy.  I want to acknowledge the... Read more

Day of Mourning Yukon 2020

Today is the National Day of Mourning and as always, we will observe this sombre day of remembrance to honour and recognize the many workers who have lost their lives or who have been injured on the job. During the Covid-19 global pandemic it is more important than ever to... Read more
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