We Wanted a Fair Deal for Christmas...

Our letter to Santa was pretty short; all we wanted for Christmas was a fair deal for all YG workers. What we got was a lump of coal and an invitation to try again in the New Year.

We recently updated you on our bargaining sessions held in late November. As we concluded those talks, the employer team promised they would come back to us this week with a revised economic mandate. They needed to request that YG's Management Board update their mandate and provide the team with an improved financial offer.

In a truly Grinch move, the employer's team did NOT come back with a complete revised financial offer. In fact, they have again asked us to hold off while they go back to management board for a revised revised offer.

So, what does this mean?

We are no further ahead than we were at the end of our last session two weeks ago.

In the end, after more frustrating time spent at the bargaining table with the conciliator, it was clear the employer's team didn’t do what they promised. Sound familiar?  

We had hoped to address the many other outstanding items at the bargaining table during this round of talks.

Our key issues include:

1.      Respectful Workplace Office; the transition to a new process that puts member needs first.

2.      A Transitional Letter of Understanding to protect members for the upcoming Putting People First health authority (pension security, wages etc.).

3.      Community Health Funding Capacity (building resilience and capacity into communities will promote the health and wellbeing of Yukoners).

4.      Severance – it’s still on the table. The employer wants to end severance accruals, we're fighting to keep severance intact.

5.      Improved pensionable wages for all YG employees.

We are still pushing for resolution of our key outstanding issues. But while we bargain, the government has started to reorganize  important departmental reporting structures. These structural changes are taking place even while we try to get closer to, not further from, each other’s positions.

We will head back to the bargaining table January 12 and 13 and this time, we're told the government really, really means it; they have committed to providing us with their revised, revised financial mandate. We aren't holding our breath.

As you can imagine, it may take some real member solidarity to get where we need to go. If you haven't already, we hope you will sign on to lend your support as we move toward a deal. Please click here or on the image and a new page will open. 

All of us on the bargaining team wish you the very best of the holiday season. Please stay tuned for an update from us early in the new year. 

In solidarity,

Your YG Bargaining Team

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