YG Bargaining 2021

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Bargaining Update December 9, 2021:

The proposals and discussion items in the Union package reflect the mandate provided to the team through a combination of the bargaining conference held in August, the membership survey held earlier this year, and the proposal input call that concluded in June.

Wages/benefits and other proposals with monetary implications are on RESERVE; this means they will be discussed in more detail at later stages of the bargaining process.

This set of Union proposals includes previously proposed changes ranging from editorial fixes to making the Collective Agreement more accessible to our indigenous members. This package has been expanded further to include further significant changes to the collective agreement including:

  1. Continued emphasis on a more creative approach to the crisis affecting front line health care workers including the proposed Vaccination Clinic LOU, and other discussion items with regards to taking a holistic approach to health.
  2. Fundamental changes to the Respectful Workplace process – see Articles 5 and 6

Discussion items include:

  1. Remote work
  2. Pandemic leave

We plan to hold some group-specific meetings in the new year, including town hall meetings for front line workers.

It looks like Yukon government is going after severance again. Although we have not yet seen a detailed proposal, they have indicated their plan to propose this and other roll backs to your collective agreement. The union will not engage in concessionary bargaining; this means we will not accept roll-backs or agree to a contract that leaves our members with less than when negotiations began. 

We will be back at the bargaining table the week of December 13th and will provide more information as bargaining progresses. Please make sure you're subscribed for email updates so you don't miss meeting information or future updates.  Visit yeu.ca/subscribe and stay connected.

YEU Monetary Bargaining Proposals as submitted to the employer

Non-Monetary Bargaining Proposals as submitted to the employer

Read the proposed Mass Vaccination Clinic Letter of Understanding as Tabled

Bargaining Update November 24, 2021:

The YEU/PSAC non-monetary bargaining team met with the employer’s team the week of November 15th. This first round of talks is intended to cover items that have little or no financial impact, and generally sets expectations for what workers will see from the government as bargaining continues.

The State of Emergency in the Yukon has once again had significant impact, felt very keenly by healthcare workers who have given so much in support of the health of Yukoners. Our team tabled a Letter of Understanding to address the demands placed on these workers as the COVID pandemic rages on. The response from YG was grossly inadequate, and our team was very disappointed in the outcome.

To support the work of the bargaining team going forward, we have established two small working groups based on some of the priorities established during the bargaining conference held in August.

One working group will be comprised of Indigenous members to assist in the bargaining team’s efforts to decolonize our collective agreement. This is an important step in the path towards reconciliation, and one that cannot be pursued without the input of members who are of First Nations, Inuit and Metis descent.

We are also establishing a working group of nurses to assist our team with their work to reform the current YG contract to address public health worker pay, workplace safety and working conditions.

Unresolved matters, including the Letter of Understanding will be carried forward to negotiations beginning the week of November 29th.

Read the Letter of Understanding as Tabled HERE

See our Bargaining Proposals as submitted to the employer HERE

We're preparing to negotiate a new Collective Agreement; it's time to get involved!

The negotiated contract between the Government of Yukon and Yukon Employees' Union/the Public Service Alliance of Canada will expire on December 31 of this year. 

View the Collective Agreement HERE

We will communicate with the membership through email blasts throughout the pre-bargaining and bargaining process. If you have not received an email on either the bargaining survey or the Bargaining Input Call, it is likely that you have not subscribed to emailed updates. If you believe you've subscribed but are still not receiving emails, please check your spam box, or visit the link below to update your information.


YEU Members working for YG should have received a special newsletter in their home mailbox in May. It's here, if you missed it.

The Bargaining Input process is now closed. Well before we meet the employer at the bargaining table, we receive and review bargaining proposal submissions from YG Locals and directly from members. These proposals guide the efforts of the entire process. 




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