YEU Newsletter, August 2017

In this issue: Community Nurses … Still Waiting; #Millennials – are the Kids all right? PTSI, Presumptive Legislation; Message from the President and more. Download complete issue (PDF) Read complete issue online Read more

#millenials-the kids are not all right.

Who are the Millennials? A millennial is anyone born between the early 80’s and the late 90’s – they are a pretty large cohort. Basically, if they’re younger than YOU, they’re millennials. If they’re annoying you, they’re millennials. If you don’t like a style, a trend or a new reality,... Read more

YEU Newsletter, June 2017

In this issue: Community Nurses Need Support Stat, Workplace Accommodation – who to call? When Should you call your Steward?  President’s Message, New Legislation guarantees Human Rights for all and more. Read full newsletter ONLINE HERE Download PDF Version HERE Read more

Community Nurses need support – STAT

“We will ensure that we have the necessary staff in place for this coming tourist season.”Yukon’s Health & Social Services Minister Pauline Frost announced emphatically in the Legislative Assembly on May 23rd that the Yukon’s Liberal Government will fully staff the territory’s Community Health Centres for this summer’s tourist season.... Read more

Finally! Yukon to Amend Human Rights Act & Vital Statistics Act.

On Tuesday May 16 2017 the Yukon Legislative Assembly voted to amend the Yukon Human Rights Act and Vital Statistics Act to explicitly recognize and protect the rights of transgendered Yukoners. The amendments were first recommended to the Government of Yukon in 2008 by the Human Rights Commission who argued... Read more

Leadership & Action Needed Now

A return to collaboration will follow decisive review.YEU President Steve Geick looks to Minister Richard Mostyn to take immediate and decisive action. “We urge the Minister to increase employer accountability. Ensure those in leadership roles belong there, and empower them to make decisions that will improve working conditions for our... Read more

Bargaining, Dissent & Democracy

Working together is not always easy – it doesn’t matter if we’re talking about family relations, getting along with colleagues, working well with managers, or maintaining positive union connections. It can be hard to see eye to eye. Sometimes it’s even harder to remember we’re all on the same team,... Read more

Today we Mourn

Today on the National Day of Mourning, we mourn those workers killed on the job, we mourn those who have died from work related illness and injury. We commit, again, to fighting for safer workplaces and we join workers across this country in our demands that the Westray Mine disaster... Read more