YEU President Responds to Sandy Silver

February 16, 2021 "It's simply not true that 60 per cent of continuing care workers were off the job last Friday, and I think that's irresponsible to spread misinformation and potentially stoking fears about the vaccine rollout," Silver said. Premier Silver: It seems there is a lot of misinformation floating... Read more

Covid Vaccine Side Effects & Sick Leave

EDITED FEB. 9 2021 According to the YG Public Service Commission, the initial numbers provided to both the PSC and YEU stating roughly 60% of Continuing Care staff were off sick Friday February 5th were inaccurate, or overstated. The employer has since informed us that the 60% was in fact... Read more

Black History Month - It's Time for Change

As Black History Month 2021 begins, the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, citing the global impact of BLM in raising awareness and consciousness of racial injustice. The Black Lives Matter movement was co-founded in 2013 by Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi in... Read more

YG Limits Precarious Workers' Access to COVID-19 Vaccine

It's fair to say that 2020 was a bad year - a really bad year. Most Yukoners greeted 2021 with optimism, looking forward to the early roll-out of our vaccination program. While the vaccine will be available to every interested Yukoner, access may be limited in unexpected ways.  Yukon Employees'... Read more

YEU Newsletter, December 2020

In this Issue: Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committees in the Workplace: OH&S Insert & Poster; Discipline - it's ALL important; Hospital Workers Reach a Tentative Agreement; Letters of Expectation - Right and Wrong; #TimeOutYukon Campaign for fair leave provisions during COVID-19 and MORE. Download Poster: Occupational Health & Safety... Read more

YEU Raises Alarm over Conditions at Whitehorse Emergency Shelter

YEU Leadership and staff have been working for some time to address health and safety concerns raised by workers at the Whitehorse Emergency Shelter. The building and service programming was taken over by the Government of Yukon in January 2019 when the Salvation Army was unable to fulfill the facility's... Read more

This Union Will Keep Challenging Racism.

Unions are, by their very nature, political organizations. We advocate for workers’ rights, we fight institutional systems that oppress, and we strive to advance social causes that benefit our society. That means sometimes you might not like what we're doing. That means sometimes our political stance on an issue will... Read more

YEU Supports YG Preferential Hire Policy

Yukon Employees’ Union Supports Preferential Hire of Yukon First Nation and Indigenous People The Yukon Employee’s Union (YEU) understands that the September 28, 2020 announcement by the Government of Yukon of a preferential hiring pilot program for Yukon First Nations/Canadians of Aboriginal Ancestry has come as a surprise to some... Read more

Yukon Hospitals are Bleeding Out

Media Release - October 19, 2020 Staffing Levels Reach Critical Lows. Four members of the Whitehorse General Hospital’s nursing staff resigned in one 12-hour period earlier last week, citing “deplorable working conditions”. While damning, these resignations are merely symptoms of a system on the verge of collapse. Doctors, surgeons and... Read more

Racism, Alive & Thriving in Canada

Racism in Canada is alive and thriving, our differences magnified in an environment of seething animosity between the left and the right.  If you don’t see racism, never saw it and can’t believe it exists, chances are your skin colour has never been a barrier to your safety or success.... Read more
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