YEU Newsletter, January 2018

In this issue; City of Whitehorse and Whitehorse Transit, Locals Y023 and Y022 enter conciliation bargaining with the employer. Challenge Disability Resource Group and Career Industries, Shop Steward Corner, Benefits of Membership 2018 and MORE. Download full issue now – PDF version Read the full issue online:   Read more

Welcome to the Next Three Years!

Welcome to the next three years! First of all, I would like to thank the delegates who represented the membership at our recent convention for their faith in my leadership. I heard what you said loud and clear. You want strong representation, fair collective agreements, strong communication and more training.... Read more

YEU Newsletter, November 2017

In this issue: YEU Delegates elect 2017-2020 leadership team; Rick Falbo tribute, Derrick Andersen, Local President Y023, Fighting seasonal blues and more. Read the full issue online here:   Read & download full issue HERE – PDF Version Read more

YEU Newsletter, September 2017

In this issue: We built a MOUNTAIN of Mac & Cheese, Donation to Yukon Transportation Museum, Your Local has a Budget, Note from the President – Precarious Work, Sue Christianson, Tony Thomas, YEU Convention Info: Delegates, Elections & Roles, United Way Yukon, Fuel Yukon – New Member Benefit , Scent-Free... Read more


Precarious. The word makes me think of danger, uncertainty and risk. The definition is “held through the favour of another, obtained by asking or praying and dependent on the will of another”.When you put the word “workforce” behind precarious it takes on a whole new meaning. If it sounds horrible,... Read more

Solidarity in Action – Guatemala 2018

With the support of the PSAC Social Justice Fund, Education in Action inspires PSAC members and others to get involved in meaningful solidarity with indigenous communities in Guatemala.  When we work together, a better world is possible.  Each year, members volunteer and travel to Guatemala to participate in the Education... Read more

YEU Newsletter, August 2017

In this issue: Community Nurses … Still Waiting; #Millennials – are the Kids all right? PTSI, Presumptive Legislation; Message from the President and more. Download complete issue (PDF) Read complete issue online Read more

#millenials-the kids are not all right.

Who are the Millennials? A millennial is anyone born between the early 80’s and the late 90’s – they are a pretty large cohort. Basically, if they’re younger than YOU, they’re millennials. If they’re annoying you, they’re millennials. If you don’t like a style, a trend or a new reality,... Read more