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YEU 2024 Bursary Program

This year, the Yukon Employees' Union will proudly award 28 education bursaries of $1500 each to members and their dependents pursuing post-secondary education. Educational pursuits can be full or part-time, and eligible individuals may apply at any age, and any stage of their education path. Please review the Bursary guidelines,... Read more

Concerns over Yukon Hospital Corporation

The Yukon Hospital Corporation (YHC) management has not been transparent regarding the surplus of funds in the YHC Pension Plan.  Please read the full media release here. Management knew about the surplus, but they did not disclose it at the bargaining table. Here is the letter written to Y025 members by YEU President, Justin Lemphers, about what we learned through Access to... Read more

YG Bargaining Input 2024

PSAC is getting ready for the next round of bargaining for employees who work for the Yukon Government. As the first step in this process, we need to hear from you. Amongst other changes, PSAC has automated the bargaining input process and members will now be able to submit their... Read more

International Women's Day in a time of War and Famine

International Women’s Day was conceived in Russia as an anti-war protest in 1913 as the world prepared for war. In the years of global conflict that followed, women across Europe rallied for “bread and peace.” And while Russian political leaders initially decried the women’s actions as untimely, those peace marches,... Read more

Tentative Agreement Reached Between Local Y025 and Yukon Hospital Corp

March 1, 2024 A tentative agreement has been achieved between the 350+ members of YEU/PSAC Local Y025 and their employer, the Yukon Hospital Corporation. These workers have been without a contract since September 2022. A recent strike vote provided the union’s bargaining team with an overwhelming strike mandate. This strength... Read more

Strike Mandate returned by Yukon Hospital Workers, Local Y025

High member turnout nets overwhelming support of strike mandate YEU/PSAC Local Y025 members, employees of the Yukon Hospital Corporation, have voted overwhelmingly in favour of giving their Local a strike mandate. The strike vote itself also had an outstanding member turnout. Employees have worked without a contract since September 2022.... Read more

Health & Social Services Needs Critical Attention

January 31, 2024 Yukon Employees' Union calls on the Government of Yukon to address the chronic, ongoing, dangerously low staffing levels within the Department of Health and Social Services. To continue ignoring this issue will only serve to further endanger the health and well-being of clients, staff, and the public. ... Read more

Local Y025: Update from the Bargaining Team

Your bargaining team applied for Conciliation on November 28. We have been at the table for over eight months, and have worked without a contract since September 2022. The team will be seeking third party assistance to try to reach an agreement on outstanding monetary matters that address the needs... Read more
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