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Great idea or need help? Let's hook up!

Our Local Y010 is joining the YEU website through Nation Builder. We need  communication between our membership, our executive and our union. Different ways to connect include facebook, our local Y010 website, email, mailing addresses, union bulletin boards, phone calls, in-person and texting. 

Let us know what suits you best!

Click this link https://www.yeu.ca/ to get to the YEU website.
Find us on Facebook: YEU Local Y010 

It’s Bargaining Year – Stay in Touch!

Bargaining Input/Nominations Closed

Our contract with the Government of Yukon expires December 31, 2018. We are already gearing up for a strong start to the Bargaining Process, but we need you. Bargaining proposals come from the members. Nominations for the Bargaining Input Committee come from the members. The Bargaining Teams are elected by you – the members!

Provide your cell number if you’d like to receive text updates. We don’t want you to miss any important information! We hope to have a new contract ratified by the time our current contract expires December 31, 2018 but we need YOU if we hope to achieve that goal.

Your input is needed to help craft our Bargaining Proposals. Do you have an idea to improve working conditions in your workplace? Is there something in our contract that just needs fixing? Please print the Bargaining Input form linked below and submit it to your Local President or to the Yukon Employees’ Union before the Bargaining Input Deadline of June 15th.

Interested in being part of the Bargaining Process? Nominate a friend, nominate yourself or ask someone else to nominate you to the Bargaining Input Committee! We need a good cross section of the membership on the Bargaining Input Committee, helping to select the proposals that go forward and on the Pre-Bargaining and Main Table Bargaining Teams. Download the form below, print, sign and submit to your Local President or the YEU by the June 15 Nomination Deadline! Our Bargaining Conference (Pre-Bargaining) will take place September 6 and 7 in Whitehorse.

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