YEU Convention Delegates Elect New Executive

The Yukon Employees' Union convened virtually for our Triennial Convention last week, after a year long COVID-19 delay. Delegates joined from their kitchen tables and home offices around the Territory to set the union's mandate for the next two years.

Incumbent President Steve Geick was acclaimed, while Vice President, Communities Tony Thomas will also serve another term.

Justin Lemphers joins YEU as Vice President. With 17 years of union experience, representing workers across the Yukon and multiple employers, he brings a wealth of community and political experience to Yukon Employees’ Union. You may see him in your Local meetings, delivering training, or facilitating workshop sessions. Justin is eager to get to work and learn more about your issues and workplaces.

The Component Executive is comprised of delegates from many professional backgrounds, and residing in Communities across the Yukon. Many are long time activists, while others are fairly new to union work. We are very happy to have such a strong and diverse board guiding our path and serving as liaisons between the union hall and the membership. There's a lot of work to do and they are all ready to roll up their sleeves and get to it.


Introducing the Yukon Employees' Union Component Executive for 2021-2023:

Steve Geick, Local Y017 - President

Justin Lemphers, Local Y010 - Vice President

Tony Thomas, Local Y043 - Vice President, Communities

Teresa Acheson, Local Y046 - Secretary

Derek Yap, Local Y011 - Treasurer

Shawnna Boone,  Local Y045 - Community Director

Roberta Wurtak, Local Y044 - Equity Director

Jordan Laudon, Local Y018 - Youth Director

Lisa Vollans-Leduc, Local Y017 - Director

Derrick Andersen, Local Y025 - Director

Sherry Masters, Local Y018 - Director

Charlene Smith, Local Y017 - Director

Leslie James, Local Y010 - Director

Julie Abel, Local Y034 - Director


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