Update on Delayed Bonus Payments for Yukon Nurses

 15 February 2023

Potential Human Rights Violations at Stake

The recent delay in the disbursement of bonus payments promised to the healthcare workforce in the Yukon Territory has raised serious concerns about the potential violation of workers' rights, including human rights. The promised bonuses were intended to retain existing staff and encourage new recruitment efforts, but the delay has left many nurses feeling frustrated and undervalued.

According to a report from a Director within the Health and Social Services department, all “YEU Nursing positions are confirmed to receive their bonus payments in batches”. The first disbursement was only made last week, following the promise made by the Yukon Government which should have been implemented since Dec 1st, 2022. The YEU relies on the senior leadership team of organizations for crucial information and commends the source of the report for coming forward with this information.

"The recent delay in the disbursement of the bonus payments raises serious concerns about the potential violation of human rights for the nurses in the Yukon," said Steve Geick, President of the Yukon Employees' Union (YEU). "The lack of timely compensation is having a negative impact on the nurses and the healthcare system in the territory."

The YEU calls for the Yukon Government to provide clear information on the delayed bonus payments and to take action to uphold workers' rights and employment standards, including human rights. Additionally, the YEU notes that the bonus payments should also include those on leave for family status reasons.

See Media Release HERE

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