Local Y025: Update from the Bargaining Team

Your bargaining team applied for Conciliation on November 28.

We have been at the table for over eight months, and have worked without a contract since September 2022. The team will be seeking third party assistance to try to reach an agreement on outstanding monetary matters that address the needs of all members.

What is Conciliation?

If the union and the employer can’t reach a tentative agreement, they can declare an impasse. This means they’ve gone as far as they can with no resolution in sight. At this step, the union or the employer can apply for third party conciliator assistance.

Based on our application, the appointment of a neutral third-party conciliator will be made within 14 days of November 28, and no later than December 12. Once appointed, the Conciliator will have up to 60 days to convene a meeting.  

Meeting dates will depend on the schedules of all parties involved, and generally occur quickly from the date of the appointment. In any event, such meetings will not occur any later than February 11, 2024.

Organizing to Win

When bargaining breaks down, an active membership can play a critical role in ensuring bargaining success by supporting the bargaining team and by, among other things, insisting that the employer reach a fair settlement.

This means sending a clear message to the employer through a strong and updated bargaining mandate that the bargaining team can carry back to the hospital.

Expect more details to come your way in the near future regarding next steps as well as in person membership meetings.

In solidarity,

Your Bargaining team.
Local Y025

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