Organizing for Resistance: YEU Convention this Weekend

Union activists from across the Yukon will gather in Whitehorse October 27-29 to debate resolutions, discuss issues, and determine the union's mandate for the next three years. Selected by their peers to represent the wishes and priorities of Locals large and small, a delegation of over 100 members will spend the weekend at the beautiful Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre, working together to strengthen their workplaces and communities.

Organizing for Resistance is our theme, recognizing that a united membership is our most powerful weapon to combat anti-worker employers, policies, and legislation. Member solidarity and readiness ensures we are ready to fight when we must stand to defend workers' rights.

Delegates are tasked with the important job of electing new leadership. With the retirement of YEU President Steve Geick, and of Vice President-Communities Tony Thomas, VP Justin Lemphers is the only member of the current leadership team re-offering for the next term. With several names already in the ring, we anticipate lively debate and robust elections this weekend.

The decisions made this weekend will set our course, but it will be up to the newly-elected YEU Executive Board to execute the will of the membership. We look forward to new faces, new energy, and a renewed mandate to guide the work of Yukon Employees Union leadership and staff for the next three years.

Our thanks to the outgoing Executive Board for their years of service to the membership, whether retiring or offering to serve again. Their work on behalf of the members has made a marked and measurable impact on the well-being of our communities and this territory.


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