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Vote NOW on Canada’s new UNFair Elections Act

Visit the YEU booth at the Yukon Trade Show May 2 – 4th and pick up your copy of this postcard. Send one to your MLA and one to Mr. Harper; let them know how you feel about this proposed legislation. Read more

YEU launches The Union Billboard blog!

YEU is excited to announce the launch of a new blog featuring articles by staff, volunteers, activists, Local members & Committees. We urge you to visit regularly, to follow the blog and to consider contributing information, links and story ideas. We will feature articles from our newsletter in a format... Read more

Auxiliary on Call; a Tough Gig

It sounds great;  work when you want & take time off when you need it – plenty of flexibility and the freedom to make work fit your life. It’s a great arrangement for some, but working as an Auxilliary-On-Call or AOC for the Yukon Government can be tough and unpredictable.Over 700... Read more

Building Hope in the Highlands of Guatemala

My name is Steve Geick and I am the President of Yukon Employees’ Union. We are a component of the Public Service Alliance of Canada in Whitehorse Yukon, representing approximately 5000 members across the Yukon Territory of Canada. In March I traveled to Guatemala with a group of Canadian volunteers... Read more

Union Terminology… a Primer.

Have you ever read an article in the newsletter or had a look through your Collective Agreement and wondered what some of the terms mean? Here is a brief summary of some of the more common terms. Bargaining Unit: A group of employees with a clear and identifiable community who... Read more

We’re READY! PSAC Collective Bargaining 2014

These issues will impact all workers, whether unionized or not, members of PSAC or another union. If unions do not stand strong against the steady and intentional erosion of workers’ rights then all Canadians will suffer. Although unions are the front line in the battle, all Canadians workers have a... Read more

March 2014 YEU Newsletter

Highlights in this issue: Winner of RENDEZVOUS with YEU; AOC’s, a Tough Gig; YEU Triennial Convention Call goes out; Union Terminology Glossary and Member of the Month.View the Newsletter (PDF) Read more

February 2014 Newsletter

Highlights in this issue: RENDEZVOUS with YEU 2014, Win a trip to Ottawa for Canada Day! Scent Free…Me?; Member of the month, Lisa Vollans; Message from the President:Consultation? not so much and Meetings & Events.View the Newsletter (PDF) Download the Printable Poster for RENDEZVOUS with YEU Contest Read more
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