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Union Terminology… a Primer.

Have you ever read an article in the newsletter or had a look through your Collective Agreement and wondered what some of the terms mean? Here is a brief summary of some of the more common terms. Bargaining Unit: A group of employees with a clear and identifiable community who... Read more

We’re READY! PSAC Collective Bargaining 2014

These issues will impact all workers, whether unionized or not, members of PSAC or another union. If unions do not stand strong against the steady and intentional erosion of workers’ rights then all Canadians will suffer. Although unions are the front line in the battle, all Canadians workers have a... Read more

March 2014 YEU Newsletter

Highlights in this issue: Winner of RENDEZVOUS with YEU; AOC’s, a Tough Gig; YEU Triennial Convention Call goes out; Union Terminology Glossary and Member of the Month.View the Newsletter (PDF) Read more

February 2014 Newsletter

Highlights in this issue: RENDEZVOUS with YEU 2014, Win a trip to Ottawa for Canada Day! Scent Free…Me?; Member of the month, Lisa Vollans; Message from the President:Consultation? not so much and Meetings & Events.View the Newsletter (PDF) Download the Printable Poster for RENDEZVOUS with YEU Contest Read more

One Minute to Tell the World Contest!

You’ve got One Minute to Tell the World… how unions stand up for fairness, how unions deliver good jobs and better lives, how unions work for a better deal for everyone. What does “Fairness Works” mean for you, your family and your community? Just like last year, the Canadian Labour... Read more

Poll shows Canadians have positive view of unions

A new poll shows that most Canadians believe unions make a positive contribution to Canadian society. Other findings may surprise the Harper government. So-called “right to work” legislation is not widely supported, but the RAND formula – which requires everyone in the workplace to pay union dues – is supported... Read more

January 2014 Newsletter

Highlights in this issue: A year of transition for YEU & Canadian labour; changes to the Employment Standards Act; Member-of-the-Month Tammi Sikorski; President Steve Geick’s message; and, meetings & events.2014-01-01-news-January Read more

YEU Holiday Open House

Please join YEU for holiday cheer and solidarity at our 2013 Holiday Open House.Thursday, December 19, from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. at the YEU Hall. Read more

December 2013 Newsletter

Highlights in this issue: Ryan Leef challenged by veterans, Bill C-4 threatens worker safety, activist Deb Wren profiled, event calendar keeping members busy, bursary awards announced, newest Local holds founding AGM, and President’s Message.2013-12-08-news-December_WEB VERSION Read more
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