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Yukon Workers’ Memorial to become a reality at last.

After years of effort by the Yukon Labour groups and in cooperation with the Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health & Safety Board, The Yukon Workers Memorial work is poised to become reality at last.  This memorial will be built to honor Yukon workers who have been killed and injured on the... Read more

Local Y010 Labour Day BBQ a HUGE success!

Our thanks go out to YEU Local Y010 for a tremendous job on the annual Labour Day Feed the People BBQ in Shipyards Park. Labour Day 2013 saw approximately 2,000 people enjoy free burgers, hot dogs, games and family fun. Supported by PSAC North, the Yukon Federation of Labour, CUPW... Read more

Demand grows for boycott of Sochi Winter Olympics

Commenting on the PSAC Alliance Executive blog, National President Robyn Benson said, “It’s time to turn up the heat on Vladimir Putin’s Russia for its hateful anti-gay laws, which came into force this past June.”Tens of thousands of people have already signed a petition to the IOC to repatriate the... Read more

YG/YEU New Contract FAQ’s

YG/YEU New Contract FAQ’s You’ve been asking… 1. When will I get a copy of the new Collective Agreement?Now that the new YG/YEU contract has been approved by the membership, we move into the next stage; implementation.  There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes between... Read more

Ratification Kit: Proposed Changes to YG/YEU Contract

The YG Contract Ratification Kit will be available at 5pm, Sunday July 14th on the YEU website. RATIFICATION KIT, PROPOSED CHANGESOnce the kit has been posted online you may review it and prepare your questions for the Ratification meeting you choose to attend. The link above will not work until... Read more

YG/YEU Contract Vote Frequently Asked Questions:

Lots of questions are coming in to us regarding this Ratification tour. Here are the most frequent:Q. Why is this vote being held in the middle of the summer?A. We are holding the vote, as usual, about 6 weeks after a tentative agreement is reached. That is how long it... Read more
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