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July 2014 Newsletter

Highlights in this issue: What is the Duty to Accommodate?, News from Local Y011, Are you a Rand? Straight Talk; Do Unions Protect the Lazy?, CASLRead complete newsletter here: PDFVisit YEU’s blog for more. Read more

Treasury Board bargaining; Why it matters to you.

The Public Service Alliance of Canada and its 100,000 Treasury Board members are at the bargaining table with their federal employers. There are greater than 250,000 public servants represented by 17 unions, all united in a solidarity pact; no one union will give in to the federal government’s concession demands... Read more

What is the Duty to Accommodate or How did THEY get that job?!

Image courtesy of What is the “duty to accommodate”? Human rights legislation protects the right of all workers to be free from discrimination on the basis of a disability. In the workplace this means an employee has the right to be “accommodated” so they can continue to work despite... Read more

No FAIR! The unfortunate race to the bottom for worker rights.

Imagine a school lunch room – hungry kids eagerly opening lunch boxes and bags, ready to dig in. Over at a corner table, a group of kids sit with meager lunches; some have nothing to eat at all. When you consider this image it’s not hard to imagine how you’d... Read more

Taking Union leave? Make sure you get paid!

Union work takes time; Shop Stewards, Committee members and elected Local Executive members know it! If you’re doing sanctioned union work, your CA allows for you to do so without losing pay. You MUST, however, cite the correct article from your agreement if you don’t want to end up in... Read more

Straight Talk: Do unions protect the lazy? Can no-one be fired?

No union contract will protect workers from fair and logical consequences. If you’re insubordinate, won’t do your job, are chronically unproductive, won’t take direction and won’t follow policy, your union won’t be able to save you. If you harass your colleagues, show up drunk or abuse your leave you can... Read more

June 2014 Newsletter

Highlights in this issue: PSAC North Convention, Jack Bourassa elected PSAC REVP of the North, Straight talk on Sick LeaveYEU June 2014 Newsletter; PDF Read more
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