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Guatemala, March 2015………… YOU may be forever changed.

Invitation to the Guatemala project 2015: 4 Young Worker subsidies available!The PSAC Social Justice Fund invites you to participate in the next Education In Action project in Guatemala for 2 weeks in spring, March 6 – 20, 2015. The Education In Action (EIA) organization is supported in part by the... Read more

YEU Human Rights Speaker Series 2014

We are very excited to announce this year’s Human Rights Speaker Series. December 9-12 we offer noon hour presentations addressing human rights & social justice issues which impact our communities every day.  Please join us for lunch as we explore these topics with panelists who really understand the issues. December... Read more

YEU Standing Committees; we need YOU!

Yukon Employees’ Union is governed by Bylaws created and modified by its membership. The elected Executive meets monthly and reports on the work they do as committee chairs, Local liaisons and Directors.  Each Executive member is tasked with convening a committee to oversee certain areas of union business; the committees... Read more

Revenue Canada now auditing Professional fees & Union dues

Have YOU received a letter from the CRA?Revenue Canada has begun randomly selecting Canadians in order to audit their union and professional dues. We have been contacted by several of our members looking for documents and information to provide the CRA. If you receive a letter such as we show... Read more

YEU Newsletter, October-November 2014

Highlights in this issue: Convention follow-up, Education Bursary winners, New Dues Rate to take effect, From the President, CLiFF & more.Read the COMPLETE Newsletter here (PDF) Read more

CLiFF v6, Whitehorse

We are excited and proud to once again host the Canadian Labour International Film Festival at our YEU Office in Whitehorse. For six years now this festival has provided a platform for independent films from around the world showcasing work & workers from many backgrounds. These stories are not often... Read more

Straight Talk: Beware the Union Organizer!

We’ve been in the news a lot lately; we’ve had several new worksites unionize and we’ve been part of a very unpopular job action by Air North’s flight attendants. We thought we’d provide a bit of truth against the mythology  that we are out there in Yukon communities with our... Read more

Why are YOU Union?

“I’m Union Because” is a campaign we launched at this weekend’s YEU Triennial Convention. Delegates shared a few thoughts on what motivates them to keep their union alive, what being Union means to them. We hope you enjoy the pictures & take a moment to think about what makes YOU... Read more
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