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Yukon School Bus Drivers… on the road to nowhere?

Yukon School Bus Drivers have been trying to meet with their employer Takhini Transport since last summer. The employer has flat out refused. Now they’re asking for your help. Please sign their petition; ask Takhini Transport to meet their workers at the bargaining table… they deserve a deal! Want to... Read more

Government of Yukon Workers: Bargaining Input is now open.

If you work for the Government of Yukon, your contract is due to be renegotiated. YOU can help craft your next agreement. YOU help determine the priorities of your bargaining team. YOU choose your Bargaining Team! GET INVOLVED! Is there something that has driven you crazy about your collective agreement?... Read more

What do Your Union Dues Buy?

We won’t give a big loud sales pitch, but YEU has something really good over here and we want to be sure you know about it. Unions are funny fish; it’s hard to quantify what you’re going to get when you buy in and become a member. What you can... Read more

YEU Newsletter, March 2015

Highlights in this issue; YG Bargaining Input to begin in April 2015, Bill C-51, Discipline for Off-duty misconduct, Shop Steward Conference follow-up and more.Read the complete newsletter HERE (PDF) Read more

Straight Talk: Off Duty Online Harassment may cost your JOB!

“OMG – did you see Sarah’s outfit today?  Looks like she got dressed in the dark again!” “Office romance alert:  it looks like Mr. Shiny-Shoes is cheating on his wife with Ms. Short-Skirts!!” “All women are cheaters!” We’ve all heard of cyber-bullying and online harassment through social media.  Did you... Read more

Yukon Employees’ Union: Yukon, Born & Raised

In November of 1965, Yukon’s civil servants were among the few remaining Canadian government employees lacking any form of unionized association. On a Sunday afternoon in late 1965, this union was founded by a dedicated few who sought fair equity and representation for themselves at a time when their government... Read more

YEU Newsletter, February 2015

Highlights in this issue; More from the Vault, Training opportunities, Call your Union… it’s okay! Tony Thomas, YEU VP, Communities and more.Read the complete newsletter HERE (PDF) Read more

Call your Union…it’s really OKAY!

We often hear fear in peoples’ voices when they phone the union hall for the first time. There’s a hushed voice at the other end of the line, reluctant to make the call, afraid of negative repercussions. We ask for a name and there’s a pause… a beat while the... Read more
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