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Why Are YOU Voting This Year?

In the 2011 Federal Election, only about 61% of Canadians went to the polls. Stephen Harper & his Conservatives were able to claim a majority victory and form Government with only 41% of the vote, which translates to about 25% of the population of Canada. That’s not a real majority... Read more

HOT New Home Heating Fuel DISCOUNT for YEU/PSAC Members!

YEU is very excited to announce that we have negotiated a heating fuel discount of 3 cents/litre off Heat Yukon’s fuel delivery market rate for our members! The discount will apply whether you choose auto-fill or on-call service.  Heat Yukon is proud to offer contract free delivery; you’re never locked... Read more

YEU Newsletter, July 2015

View the online publication below. What’s in this issue? The Proud History of Pride, Member of the Month Dan Vigliotti, 2015 YEU/PSAC Travelling Road Show, a HOT deal on home heating fuel for YEU members!, Vacation Leave Denied, Discipline at Work and MORE! Our longest issue EVER! view in downloadable... Read more

A Little Straight Talk about Workplace Discipline

In the context of employment, discipline is the employer’s corrective response to a workplace issue, usually related to your performance or behavior. While Employers have the right to discipline employees, there are a number of questions that must be asked and answered before an employee is sanctioned. First, the employer... Read more

Whitehorse Food Bank Feels the Summer Heat

Every summer the Whitehorse Food Bank faces the same challenge; how to meet increased demand at the same time  both food and cash donations dry up. Families with kids at home struggle to make sure there’s enough food to fill hungry bellies and visitors to the city turn to the... Read more

Strike Vote, Recession & the 9 Day Fortnight.

  Yukon’s economy was in free fall in 1982. The hard rock mining industry had collapsed, mines were shuttered and the territory slid into recession. Hundreds were out of work and recovery looked bleak.  It was against that evolving backdrop that the negotiating team of the YTPSA met with  the... Read more

Together for Safety

May 29th 2015 marked the start of a new relationship between women in Whitehorse and the RCMP.  Since 2013, Whitehorse women’s groups and the RCMP have collaborated to create an RCMP Safety Protocol entitled Together for Safety, with the shared goal of improving response services to women in Whitehorse.In response... Read more

YEU Newsletter, June 2015

In this issue:Pearson’s 9 Day Fortnight, 1982; PSAC Access Committee, Better Choices: Together for Safety, Deals for Members. Click here to view the complete Newsletter in a printable format (PDF) Read more

Trans Rights in Yukon; One Small Victory at a Time

Yukon’s PSAC Pride Committee rep, MLA Lois Moorcroft and trans Rights activist Chase Blodgett at the Yukon Legislative Assembly following the passing of a motion forwarding Trans Rights in the Yukon Human Rights Act. May 14th 2015 marked a positive step toward a more equitable Yukon.  Lois Moorcroft, MLA for... Read more

YEU Newsletter, May 2015

In this issue: Women at work, Young workers in action, Trans* rights in Yukon, WGH contract & more. Click here to view complete Newsletter online Click here to view complete Newsletter in PDF Format.  Read more
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