New Leadership Training Scholarship

The Broadbent Institute’s Training and Leadership program supports the development of new and emerging Canadian leaders. We work with partner communities to provide training that improves the leadership skills of Canadians who are, or would like to be, engaged in advancing progressive ideas and building power.

The Institute offers a range of training opportunities in a variety of formats that can help you and your community become more effective at organizing and executing grassroots campaigns of every type.

Our training programs are built on a strong foundation of grassroots community organizing principles, relationship-based engagement, and team development, and are guided by theories and models of effective social change.

“The Broadbent Institute is pleased to announce the establishment of a permanent Leadership and Training Scholarship to assist emerging leaders with resources they need to achieve success. New and emerging community leaders like you are encouraged to apply.”

Please use their online form to apply for a Leadership Training Scholarship and to share your stories and passion for making a difference. 
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