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Many Rivers in the Media

WE HAVE A RATIFIED CONTRACT! Congratulations to the workers who stood firm and did not back down, no matter how challenging it became. They braved temperatures near -40, faced backlash from members of the board of directors and management, but they have prevailed. See the Press Release below. 

Many Rivers offices will re-open to clients February 7th. The members are looking forward to once again serving their clients across the Yukon. 






Opposition calls for government intervention in the Many Rivers Strike January 18, 2019, Yukon News, Amy Kenny

Liberals say the government has no jurisdiction to intervene in the labour dispute

Healing our Most Vulnerable      January 14, 2019 Whitehorse Star, Joanna Fletcher Letter

"In handling the mentally ill and horribly vulnerable members of our society, the staff at Many Rivers are doing one of the most difficult jobs in health care, and they are doing it for the least amount of pay and under intolerable working conditions."


A Mental Vitamin, Yukon News. December 21, 2018 by Amy Kenny  

Many Rivers client reflects on the impact of the ongoing strike

“It’s just kind of like getting vitamins and you’re feeling stronger”


No end in sight for Yukon strike after almost 50 days on picket line.  CBC News. Dec. 18, 2018 by Dave Croft.

Employees at Many Rivers Counselling who began strike on Nov. 2 say management won't budge


See More Media Coverage...

News Releases & Strike Background, Many Rivers Local Y031

Jan 22, 2019            Tentative Agreement Reached with Many Rivers

Jan. 14, 2019           Many Rivers Fails to Respond to Union Settlement Offer

Dec. 17, 2019           Media Invitation - Employer Response Press Conference @ YEU

Nov. 28, 2018          A Message for all Yukoners from Local Y031

Nov. 26, 2018          Many Rivers Illegally Bars Members from Participation

Nov. 19, 2018           Many Rivers Surprise AGM Deemed Invalid by YG

Nov. 16, 2018           Many Rivers Funding, AGM & Member Moratorium

Nov 9, 2018             Why are we on Strike?

Oct. 30, 2018           Many Rivers Local Y031 Serves Strike Notice

Oct. 24, 2018           All Trick, No Treat for Many Rivers

Aug. 14, 2018           Local Y031 Strike Vote

Support Many Rivers Workers

After more than two months on the picket line with no sign of movement from the employer, the workers of Many Rivers are asking for your support.

How can you help?

Email the Minister of Health & Social Services Pauline Frost, responsible for the organization's core funding of over 2 million dollars in 2017.    [email protected]

* Email John Streicker, Minister of Community Services, responsible for the Corporate Registry and Societies Act.  [email protected]

*Email Brent Ramsay, Executive Director of Many Rivers. Ask him to return to the table.   [email protected]

Email or call the Board of Directors:

Marina Bailey - President:          [email protected]

Marian Horne - 2nd VP               867-390-2011

Jim Cahill - Director                   [email protected]

Brian Bunning - Director             867-334-1179


Write a letter to the Editor: to be published in the Yukon News or the Whitehorse Star.

[email protected]

[email protected]


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