Healing our most vulnerable must be the priority. Whitehorse Star, January 14 2019; Joanna Fletcher

At Many Rivers, the staff are on the front lines of this battle, and they deserve to be treated like elite fighters and healers, because that is what they are.

Many Rivers offer hits roadblock, CKRW the Rush. January 19, 2019

The Yukon Employees Union says a recent effort to get back to the bargaining table with the board of Many Rivers Counselling and Support Services has failed.


A Mental Vitamin, Yukon News. December 21, 2018 by Amy Kenny  

Many Rivers client reflects on the impact of the ongoing strike

“It’s just kind of like getting vitamins and you’re feeling stronger”


No end in sight for Yukon strike after almost 50 days on picket line.  CBC News. Dec. 18, 2018 by Dave Croft.

Employees at Many Rivers Counselling who began strike on Nov. 2 say management won't budge


Many Rivers staff are still on strike after 50 days. Yukon News,Dec. 19, 2018 by Amy Kenny

Counsellors say management is being unreasonable. Management has not spoken publicly.


Study up on Many Rivers strike, Hanson urges cabinet ministers  Whitehorse Star, Dec. 10, 2018

NDP Leader Liz Hanson is calling on three cabinet ministers to “pay attention” to the five-week-old strike at Many Rivers Counselling and Support Services.


Many Rivers workers in Yukon go on strike  Canadian Labour Reporter Nov. 26, 2018

Demand improved working conditions, better pay: PSAC


Whitehorse bylaw officers warn striking workers over noise issues.  CBC News. Nov. 23, 2018 by Dave Croft

"The primary concern is loud music being projected from a trailer," a city spokesperson said.


Many Rivers risks losing its government funding. Yukon News. Nov 21, 2018. By Amy Kenny

Money may be withheld in 2019 if the organization doesn't file an annual report. 


Many Rivers' AGM deemed invalid by YG; union. Whitehorse Star Nov. 20, 2018

The surprise annual general meeting planned for Friday by the Many Rivers Counselling and Support Services Society will not be recognized by the territory’s Registrar of Societies.


Many Rivers Counselling Strike  ChonFM 98.1 Nov. 7, 2018 

The Yukon Employees' Union are standing in solidarity with the employees of Many Rivers Counselling.


Negotiations stall between Many Rivers and YEU  Yukon News. November 3, 2017. by Lori Fox

"We're just taking some time to work out our options now" 


Twelve months and a strike: Many Rivers workers serve strike notice.  Yukon News. Oct. 31, 2018 by Amy Kenny

Job action is set to start Friday afternoon, when workers will walk off the job.


Yukon Counselling service gives strike notice  CKRW the Rush. Oct. 31, 2018

Many Rivers Counselling and Support Services says employees will take job action on Friday afternoon as a new collective agreement has not been reached. 


Many Rivers workers plan to strike Friday.  Whitehorse Star October 31, 2018. By Stephanie Waddell

Staff at Many Rivers Counselling & Support Services could begin walking the picket line at 4pm Friday.


Many Rivers Counselling strike a possibility  Whitehorse Star. Aug. 15, 2018 by Palak Mangat

A Yukon non-profit organization could be one step closer to a strike after a vote by its bargaining team and membership resulted in “overwhelming” support for the possibility of a labour disruption


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