Many Rivers’ Surprise AGM Deemed Invalid by YG

Society’s New Member Moratorium also Struck Down

The surprise Annual General Meeting planned for November 23 by the Many Rivers Counselling and Support Services Society will not be recognized by the Registrar of Societies for the Government of Yukon.  It was confirmed by the Registrar of Societies on Friday November 16th that the society did not provide proper notification for the meeting as specified in their current bylaws.

At a September 28 Board Meeting, the board passed a motion to institute a moratorium on new members to the society, a move in conflict with their bylaws. According to meeting minutes, there were concerns including (a) conflict of interest concerns/issues from potential members or potential group of members; (b) any politicization of the society; *c) a small or larger group could hypothetically enter into the Society memberships with purposes not consistent with the organization’s purpose.

Corporate Registries has also confirmed that the applications submitted are legitimate, and all individuals who submit/submitted applications for membership along with payment are members, and are entitled to receive proper documentation and notices for the AGM and any Special General Meeting.

In response to requests from the beleaguered staff of Many Rivers, YEU has, over the last six or eight months, shared the society’s membership invitation with our membership. The goal was to encourage transparency and healthy discussion at the membership level. This is, we believe, what led to both the cancellation of the scheduled June AGM, and this improper move by the board of directors.  We know of over 20 individuals who requested membership in the society by submitting a registration form and the $10 membership fee in September. Those individuals have never been advised of their membership status, but were not invited to the September 23 meeting planned by the society.  

The striking workers of Many Rivers care deeply about their work, and their clients. We urge the society to do business in a transparent manner that truly reflects their goals and caring mandate. All society members look forward to participating in a legitimate Annual General Meeting.

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