A Message for all Yukoners from Local Y031

Dear Yukoners

Some distractions may have diverted your attention from the reasons we are on strike. We would like to take a few moments to remind everyone why we are out here on the street in our strike’s fourth week, spending our days outside in the cold, walking a picket line. We’re here for a respectful contract. 

It is so disheartening that we have heard nothing from our employer about getting back to the bargaining table.  We believe in our rights as employees to obtain fair and healthy conditions at work and are still waiting for our employer to respond to our proposals reasonably.   

Here is what we are asking for:

-Flexible work hours, so we can see clients earlier or later in the day as their schedules demand.

-Per diems for those of us who travel for work.

-Counselling benefits similar to the 8 sessions recommended for clients by Many Rivers.

-An increase in salary that keeps pace with the Consumer Price Index for inflation rates.

-Time in our work week for Clinical Supervision, specific to our counselling specialty.

We continued negotiations for over a year before deciding to strike. After spending so much time bargaining in good faith, followed by nearly a month on the picket line, we want a contract that’s fair and respectful. We are not asking for a lot, but what we are asking for is important to our well-being and the work we do.

We are very thankful for the support we continue to receive and we value the community’s efforts to connect with us.  This support keeps us warm, keeps us hopeful and keeps our spirits up.

How can you can help while we are on strike?


-Join us on the picket line, ask us questions, find out why our requests matter so much

-Share social media posts from the Yukon Employees’ Union’s Facebook page

-Write letters of support in the paper or to your local MLA

-Contact Executive Director Brent Ramsay: (867) 667-2970 and ask him to get back to the table with the workers.

-If you know a member of the Many Rivers Board of Directors, engage with them – ask them how they plan to end the strike.

We apologize for the impact this strike may have.  We believe that standing up for our rights as workers will improve services for our clients throughout the Yukon. 


YEU/PSAC Local Y031

Many Rivers Counsellors and Staff

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