Many Rivers Funding, AGM & Member Moratorium

Funding to Many Rivers Society has, we are advised, been halted by the Government of Yukon until the society is once again in compliance with their obligations under the Societies Act. The not-for-profit organization received over 2 million dollars in 2016-2017 from the Government of Yukon, a sum representing the lion’s share of the organization’s operating budget.

We have confirmation that Many Rivers has scheduled a last minute Annual General Meeting for the 23rd of November, likely in a bid to return to compliance and protect their funding.  Unfortunately, it appears they have failed to advise the membership in a transparent manner. So far, not a single member polled has received notification, and we have been unable to locate any public notice of the upcoming general meeting. The Many Rivers Society is in default of the Societies Act, in part because it has failed to meet its obligation to hold its Annual General Meeting in May or June of 2018, as its bylaws require.

In recent months, unionized staff at the counselling agency were suddenly forbidden to open mail, including new membership applications, which have not been processed since at least September. We know of more than 20 individuals who have submitted applications and have received no response. 

We have learned of a motion put forward at a September 28th Board Meeting as follows: “That there is a moratorium on the acceptance and approval of Society memberships until Corporate Affairs approval of bylaw amendments/adjustments and the Many Rivers’ Board of Directors completes a final review”

Although the agency’s website states “our board governs with emphasis on commitment to obtaining community input, and encouragement of diversity in viewpoints”, we believe this recent move was an effort to block new members, and discourage participation.

The society’s bylaws require “each member entitled to vote be advised between twenty-one and sixty days before the meeting and notice shall specify the date, time and place of the meeting” As we have been unable to locate public notification of the AGM, we are not yet aware of the time or location of this last minute November 23 meeting. For details, contact Many Rivers’ Executive Director Brent Ramsay at Many Rivers, 867-667-2970 or [email protected] 


Steve Geick, President Yukon Employees' Union

867-667-2331 ext. 1009

[email protected]

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