Important Update: Revised Work-Site Visit Procedures

We would like to inform all members of Local Y017 about the revised work-site visit procedures that have been implemented.

Effective immediately, work-site visits will be conducted within a limited timeframe of ten to fifteen minutes. During these visits, the President's main focus will be to ensure the prompt and effective dissemination of crucial information. This will be achieved through the posting of important items on the Union Boards.

Despite the shorter duration, the President remains fully committed to addressing any questions, concerns, and advocating for the interests of all members. While we understand that there may be specific concerns or issues that require personalized attention, given the limited time during the work-site visits, we want to assure all members that the President is accessible and available to discuss any workplace matters, provide guidance, and listen to your ideas.

For those individuals who would like to schedule a personal meeting, we kindly request reaching out to the Local President directly via email at [email protected] or by phone at (867) 335-8744. By doing so, you can arrange a meeting outside of your regular work hours at a mutually convenient location. Additionally, we encourage all members to stay updated through the Local's events page, where upcoming events and opportunities for group interactions will be featured.

We extend our sincere appreciation for the understanding and cooperation of all members as we adapt to these revised work-site visit procedures. Together, we can continue working towards a stronger, more supportive work environment that values the voices and contributions of all individuals.

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