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January 26, 2024

Local President and members of Local Y025 Executive Resign

Dear Y025 members:

It is with great sadness that I am resigning as the local President and Shop Steward of Loca Y025, effective today – January 26, 2024.

I have spent the last several years being a very vocal advocate for our rights as unionized workers. I wish I could share everything that I have fought for on behalf of our several hundred members, and the amount of unseen work, sweat and tears I’ve given of my professional and personal life to our local. I have defended as fiercely as I could and have felt truly honoured being your elected, unified voice.

This current round of bargaining has been the most emotionally significant I’ve seen in my many years with YHC.  YG announced bonuses for one singular profession. This unequal action created a divide among colleagues and incited a fury I haven’t seen in a workplace before.  It was disrespectful, devaluing, wildly unfair, and cruel of our government to only recognize one profession after a global pandemic where every single healthcare professional gave everything they possibly had.

The rage that members are feeling is absolutely justifiable and fully warranted. It is also misdirected at us, the Local volunteers, instead of at the government or the employer.

What is not justified is the treatment I and the executive have received from members.   READ MORE

April 26, 2024

PSAC North & PIPSC Secure Health Authority Agreement

Dear Members,

We have good news to share! In collaboration with the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC), PSAC North has worked to secure a multi-union interim agreement prior to the government finalizing legislation for a new Yukon Health Authority (see the Memorandum of Understanding attached).


November 29, 2023

Bargaining Update, Local Y025

Your bargaining team applied for Conciliation on November 28.

We have been at the table for over eight months, and have worked without a contract since September 2022. The team will be seeking third party assistance to try to reach an agreement on outstanding monetary matters that address the needs of all members.

What is Conciliation?

If the union and the employer can’t reach a tentative agreement, they can declare an impasse. This means they’ve gone as far as they can with no resolution in sight. At this step, the union or the employer can apply for third party conciliator assistance.  READ MORE

March 2023

We have begun bargaining a new Collective Agreement with the Yukon Hospital Corporation.

Local Y025 President Leah Santo, Anne Hotte, and Laura Hauser make up our Bargaining Team. They will work with the PSAC Negotiator and Yukon Employees' Union to negotiate a contract that meets our needs in these challenging times.

The employer and union teams met the week of March 6 in Whitehorse... CLICK to READ MORE

Need a Shop Steward?

Having trouble at work? Looking for someone to talk through an issue with or who can answer your questions about the Collective Agreement? Shop Stewards are trained volunteers who act on behalf of members in the workplace. They're your first stop when you're looking for answers or when something doesn't feel right on the job. Click the Shop Steward icon for a directory.

We always need more Shop Stewards!
Consider taking on the role of union representative yourself. Becoming a workplace advocate is a powerful way to support your colleagues and build a stronger union.
Learn more HERE.

You can also reach out for assistance using the YEU Online Intake Form 24 hours a day. Someone from the YEU Hall will contact you within 2 business days.

What matters to YOU?

Do you value strong union representation in the workplace - a Shop Steward available to you when you need help?  Is it important to have workers involved in decisions around your health and safety on the job? How about making sure there's a strong bargaining team, ready to take the needs of workers to the employer at the bargaining table?

Every one of these critical issues requires a committed and active local in your workplace. Without that, there is no collective strength, no unity, and no solidarity. Employers love when that happens - when the union presence in a workplace is weakened and diminished through exhaustion, overwork and burnout.

Let's not let that happen. Let's rebuild our Local together! Attend Local meetings by zoom or by phone.

Find the next Local Meeting HERE

Union Win for Y025 Members

The Hospital Corporation recently agreed with the Union that under Article 25.06 of your collective agreement, members of the WGH (Yukon Hospital Corporation) bargaining unit, are entitled to a minimum of 4 hours of reporting pay even in circumstances where there is less than 4 hours of work needed. This includes a minimum payment of 4 hours at the applicable overtime rate if asked to report on a day of rest. This exceeds the minimum legislative requirements of the Employment Standards Act which sets reporting pay at 3 hours. Being a union member has benefits!

Your Collective Agreement

BARGAINING INPUT FORM: Bargaining Input is underway for the next round of bargaining. Please submit your Bargaining Input Proposal form to your Local President or the YEU office.


  • Whitehorse General Hospital (Operated by the Yukon Hospital Corporation)
  • Public Service Alliance of Canada
  • Yukon Employees’ Union

Term of Agreement

September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2022


Documents are presented as PDFs

Over the term of the agreement, annotations highlighting changes and corrections may be added


Complete Collective Agreement (PDF)

Local Y025 Bylaws

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