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March 13, 2020


Remember - you have the right to ask your union representative for help, you have the right to call the Union, and you have every right to speak up if your workload is too much. 

In the last round of bargaining, we pushed hard for language that makes it easier to address workload issues; don't be afraid to use it. If you're not sure what to do, speak to a member of your Local Executive or the Bargaining Team. You can also call the YEU hall at 667-2331 ext. 1001 (Beckie, Intake Officer) or you can even submit your concerns online at yeu.ca/intake  It's anonymous, and your employer will not know you've contacted us unless you decide you'd like to go forward. 


Bargaining Update January 22, 2020

We met January 1-16 with the hospital's bargaining team to exchange proposals and begin negotiations (the Union's proposal package is linked below).

Thanks to the members who withstood the frigid temperatures and came to one of two in-person bargaining update meetings on Wednesday evening. Members who attended were provided with copies of our proposals, as well as a rationale for all proposals that were not taken forward.

In addition to a full exchange of proposals, the Union team provided a list of scheduling principles for consideration to the employer. From our point of view, the principles are a starting point for discussions- you can read them below.

Given the absolute importance of the scheduling issue, the parties agreed to set up a working group comprised of Union and management bargaining team members to review scheduling across all hospital departments between now and our next bargaining session March 10-14. Cara Millar and first alternate Tamara Bingham will represent the Union team.

As discussed at our membership meetings, we will be opening up the bargaining process for members who wish to observe bargaining in progress. This trial will initially allow for a limited number of members to attend.

Stay tuned for more details on open bargaining soon. We'll explain how you can register as an observer, the expectations, and the scheduled hours.

In solidarity,

Your Bargaining Team

Laura Hauser, Leah Santo, Cara Millar, Anne Hotte, Becky Nash and Erna Post.



Shift Principles

Principle #1

  • A definition of operational requirements:

Principle #2

  • Limit on # of consecutive shifts

Principle #3

  • Scheduled days of rest for Part-time members

Principle #4

  • Staff have choice of shift patterns based on seniority

Principle #5

  • Set rotation with clear shift lines for bidding

Principle #6

  • Establishment of float positions

Principle #7

  • Common understanding of what notice is – written/verbal/text, timing

Principle #8

  • If changing more than one line or shift, this becomes a schedule change

Principle #9

  • Those who are satisfied with their existing shift pattern do not have to change

Other Considerations

  • Support succession planning and career options
  • Support the ability to move laterally
  • Opportunity for Casuals to work more than one area for variety, opportunity to maximize hours, and reduce burnout from working 1 area for too long
  • Increase the number of shift pattern options (8 hours 10 hours,12 hours)


Bargaining UPDATE, December 2019 

  • The bargaining input deadline was been extended to DECEMBER 9, 2019
  • This means any proposals received after the deadline will NOT be included.
  • The bargaining team will be meeting December 17 and 18 if needed to review your input and begin preparations for bargaining in January.
  • Bargaining dates have been set for January 14-16 2020. 

The Bargaining Input form sent in our last email had an outdated submission email address. There are TWO options to submit your Input form.

  1. DIGITAL FORM: Complete and submit the form electronically;


  1. Download, print, complete and submit the hard copy form linked here to info@yeu.ca or directly to a member of your Local Executive;


Your input is really important and informs our work at the bargaining table. Thanks for taking the time to contribute to a strong collective agreement.

In solidarity,

your Bargaining Team

Minutes of Meetings & Documents:

- October 28 AGM Minutes

- November 12 Follow-up Meeting

- Response from PSAC REVP Jack Bourassa

- Resignation letter, Keri Moore

Y025 members, did you know?

The Hospital Corporation recently agreed with the Union that under Article 25.06 of your collective agreement, members of the WGH (Yukon Hospital Corporation) bargaining unit, are entitled to a minimum of 4 hours of reporting pay even in circumstances where there is less than 4 hours of work needed. This includes a minimum payment of 4 hours at the applicable overtime rate if asked to report on a day of rest. This exceeds the minimum legislative requirements of the Employment Standards Act which sets reporting pay at 3 hours. Being a union member has benefits!

Your Collective Agreement

BARGAINING INPUT FORM: Bargaining Input is underway for the next round of bargaining. Please submit your Bargaining Input Proposal form to your Local President or the YEU office.


  • Whitehorse General Hospital (Operated by the Yukon Hospital Corporation)
  • Public Service Alliance of Canada
  • Yukon Employees’ Union

Term of Agreement

September 1, 2017 to August 31, 2019


Documents are presented as PDFs

Over the term of the agreement, annotations highlighting changes and corrections may be added


Complete Collective Agreement (PDF)

Local Y025 Bylaws

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