Local Y025 President Resigns

January 26, 2024

Please read the following message from Leah Santo, the departing President of Local Y025, Yukon Hospital Workers.

Dear Y025 members,

It is with great sadness that I am resigning as the local President and Shop Steward of Loca Y025, effective today – January 26, 2024.

I have spent the last several years being a very vocal advocate for our rights as unionized workers. I wish I could share everything that I have fought for on behalf of our several hundred members, and the amount of unseen work, sweat and tears I’ve given of my professional and personal life to our local. I have defended as fiercely as I could and have felt truly honoured being your elected, unified voice.

This current round of bargaining has been the most emotionally significant I’ve seen in my many years with YHC.  YG announced bonuses for one singular profession. This unequal action created a divide among colleagues and incited a fury I haven’t seen in a workplace before.  It was disrespectful, devaluing, wildly unfair, and cruel of our government to only recognize one profession after a global pandemic where every single healthcare professional gave everything they possibly had.

The rage that members are feeling is absolutely justifiable and fully warranted. It is also misdirected at us, the Local volunteers, instead of at the government or the employer.

What is not justified is the treatment I and the executive have received from members. There has been hurtful, misdirected blame, grossly misinformed accusations, and hostility in messages from so many. We’ve expressed many times that the bargaining team asked for what members told us to ask for and weren’t able to change the locked-in process. Sadly, the misdirected hostility continues and unfortunately, I can not continue to volunteer in the face of such animosity.

When members have reached out to me, I have always been there fighting beside or for you. After all that I have given, I’m heartbroken to be the subject of character attacks instead of being spoken to as a peer trying to help build a strong, unified, angry-together stand & voice aimed at where it belongs.

I am dedicated to fully fight and complete this round of bargaining, but I am no longer available to represent the membership at the local level.

With deep sadness,



Yukon Employees’ Union recognizes and thanks Leah and the Local for their selfless work.

In addition to Leah’s resignation as President, the following people are also tendering their resignation:

Darlene Potter – Vice President

Colleen Potter – Chief Shop Steward

Colleen Richardson – Secretary

YEU will work with the remaining Local Y025 Executive members to set a date for elections and will send a follow-up email once those details are confirmed. The date and procedures for elections will also be emailed to members and posted on YHC Union boards.

Membership (person level):
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