YHC Bonus Blunder & Local Round Table Meetings

Happy New Year 

More of the same - It’s a mess 

The New Year has rung in even more financial chaos for some of our members. 

The controversial bonus payments provided to LPNs and RNs at WGH and in the communities have served to further damage rather than build staff morale.  

Remember, this was a management proposal to Yukon Government requesting bonus money earmarked for all YHC LPNs and RNs in the Yukon. The Government bonus scheme was announced in the legislature two years ago and paid out in 2023 only to government LPN’s and RNs. The hospital then followed up with YG and presented it last November to both PSAC and PIPSC. To ensure financial parity between YG and the hospital nurses, both unions agreed to the bonus schedule.  

The bonus payments at the hospital have been mishandled so badly that some of our members will experience financial hardship as the employer attempts to correct the many, many payroll mistakes they have made. Some eligible members received partial bonus payments, some received none, and some were paid significantly more than they were entitled to receive. It’s going to take time and effort for this to be sorted out, and members are left holding the bag, despite any apologies the hospital may make.  

Another audit is underway, and the information management has provided to our members and the Union is spotty and incomplete.  

When the Union first asked the hospital to explain how the bonus pay was calculated, the employer refused to provide that information, though they have since backed off that initial refusal. We’re now told it will be some time before the specifics are provided, and we’re not sure how long it will take to get to the bottom of this mess; the employer’s responses to date have not inspired much confidence.  

What’s even more puzzling for us is that the Employer again appears to blame the Union team for their mismanagement.  

The Union is exploring its options under the labour code and is considering filing an unfair labour complaint. Contract talks broke down and the Union team applied for conciliation last year over monetary issues. All monetary items remain outstanding for other hospital employees.  


In response to member concerns and questions, the union is setting up a series of round table group meetings to discuss the next steps for bargaining through conciliation. We are looking for your input; what is your bottom line on wages and bonuses as we head to conciliation? 

The meetings will be held on January 17, 18, and 19 at the Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre. As arrangements have not yet been finalized, please mark your calendar for the day that works best for you – registration will open early next week. More information will follow soon from the PSAC Regional Office.  

In Solidarity 

Your bargaining team. 

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