Y010 Special General Meeting 2020

As a member of YEU Local Y010, we hope you will attend. We will use Zoom to allow members to participate from home and to respect social distancing guidelines from the Chief Medical Officer of Health. For those who wish to attend the meeting in person, we will be holding simultaneous live events at the YEU Hall, 2285 2nd Avenue.  A voting system will be in place through Zoom to allow for voting without being physically present at the union hall.  Please SCROLL DOWN TO RSVP!

To attend in-person:

Physical distancing measures will be in place; please do not attend if you are having any symptoms of illness or if you have been outside the territory in the last 14 days. There will be a limit of 10 people in the Lucy Jackson room, and an additional 10 in the local room. 

To attend the online Zoom meeting:

Please RSVP - meeting details including the zoom link and password will be in the response email you receive after confirming. You will need to enter that password to attend the meeting.

We will be cross-referencing all attendees with our up-to-date membership list. If you have NOT signed a membership card (hard copy or digital), please do so now in order to vote.


We are a busy and involved Local - the largest in the Yukon Employees' Union and we need your voice. We invite you to volunteer, nominate someone to represent your interests at our monthly meetings, give us ideas for community engagements and activities and more. We've done some great things in the past to help out local groups, but we need to hear from you to know where to go next. Remember, you are the union!

We're seeking nominations for the following positions:

Vice President

Chief Shop Steward

Assistant Chief Shop Steward


2 Directors with terms of 2 years

3 Directors with 1 year terms.

Pro tem Interim Acting President 


Forward your nominations BY EMAIL in advance, or nominate "from the floor" during the meeting.  

Date and time
June 30, 2020 at 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Zoom & YEU Hall

Let us know you're coming

Membership (person level):
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