Local Y017 Shop Stewards

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Picture of Pamela Booth
Pamela Booth
Phone: (867) 333-0060 (FCS)
[email protected]
Picture of Lonny Borgfjord
Lonny Borgfjord
Phone: (867) 333-0042 (RYTS)
[email protected]
Picture of Guy Coderre
Guy Coderre
Phone: (RYTS)
[email protected]
Picture of Jude Eremiokhale
Jude Eremiokhale
Phone: (403) 401-1058 (CC-CRP)
[email protected]
Picture of Trisha Girouard
Trisha Girouard
Phone: 5063819062 (CN-Teslin)
[email protected]
Picture of Lorraine Graham
Lorraine Graham
Phone: (867) 332-4335 (HSS Carmacks)
[email protected]
Picture of Simon Graham
Simon Graham
Phone: (778) 997-7570 (CN-Old Crow)
[email protected]
Picture of Julianna Scramstad
Julianna Scramstad
Phone: (867) 322-2585 (HSS-HS)
[email protected]
Picture of Cheri Shusheski
Cheri Shusheski
Phone: 250-470-3422 (CN)
[email protected]
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