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Hello City Workers:

We have been notified by PSAC and YEU that it's time now to collect our bargaining input.  This is the time to address any issues or concerns you have about what is included or not included in our Collective Agreement.  



  • Any union member can submit a bargaining input form
  • It's also good if you get a group of coworkers to sign a form they all support.
  • Forms submitted online will be copied to YEU and to the Local Executive.
  • You can return your completed hard-copy form to your local president or submit it by email/fax as noted on the form.  
  • Forms should be submitted before the end of February 2021.
  • Try to include some background information on your proposal so the team clearly understands the issue you want to address.  

Your input greatly assists our bargaining process. We want to provide our negotiator and bargaining team with all relevant background, an explanation of the problems, identify any current provisions, and any sources or justification for new proposals.  

It really is the responsibility of all members to present their input now. Don't wait for our bargaining team to identify the issues.  The Bargaining team will be elected in February and will assist with reviewing the input.  

Not all union members have signed up with YEU to get our bargaining and important member updates for Y023.  Remember, we will not be sharing bargaining details through the city email. 

SUBSCRIBE HERE for emailed bargaining updates.

In Solidarity, 

Teresa Acheson

President of Y023.  


Local Y023 City of Whitehorse Employees is made up of the city workers, excluding the Transit department. The last AGM for Y023 was held on December 9, 2020.  Bargaining Input will begin in 2021, as we head into a Bargaining year. 

Y023 has a number of active Joint Committees including the Pension Committee, Health & Safety Committee, and Job Evaluation Committee.  The local executive meets once a month.  

We are currently recruiting for vacant Local Executive positions and Bargaining Team members, and we are always looking for more Shop Stewards.  Training and mentorship is provided, please contact your Local President to learn more.  

Members at the Y023 2020 AGM voted to merge local administration with Transit Local Y022.  The local executives will be connecting in early 2021 to draft new Local Bylaws that are reflective of the new inclusive City of Whitehorse employees union. 

President's Report: AGM Dec. 9, 2020.




Your Collective Agreement


  • City of Whitehorse
  • Public Service Alliance of Canada
  • Yukon Employees’ Union

Term of Agreement

September 1, 2017 to August 31, 2021


Your contract is available online HERE in PDF format and can be downloaded if desired.

Over the term of the agreement, annotations highlighting changes and corrections may be added

Once YEU receives the updated new Collective Agreement from the PSAC, we will post it to the site.

Letters of Understanding (LOUs)

LOU #14: Voluntary Change to Casual Status

LOU #15: HE02 Premium

LOU #16: Hours of Work for Electrical Persons, Utilities

LOU #17: Hours of Work for Tech Support Specialist

LOU #18: Changes to Vision Care

LOU #19: JES - Schedule A Changes

LOU #20 - Amend Range 1 in Schedule A

Local Y023 Bylaws – Revised 2019

Your Executive