YEU's stance on Anti-Racism

YEU Will Always Challenge Racism. READ THE POST HERE. 

Yukon Employees' Union takes a stand against racism in our communities and in our workplaces. We work to foster spaces where everyone is equal, where racism is not tolerated, where diversity is celebrated and where there are opportunities to learn and grow.

Systemic racism exists in Canada, shaping the lives of our members and their families. Black, Indigenous and People of Colour are affected every day by "a system of power that seeks to benefit white people above all others", as defined by activist and author Desmond Cole,  

Right now in Nova Scotia, the treaty rights of the Mi'kmaq are being challenged by Acadian commercial fish harvesters coming from communities around southwestern Nova Scotia. These non-indigenous harvesters are outraged that indigenous fishers are dropping their lobster traps out of season, despite the treaty rights guaranteeing the Mi'kmaq the right to catch and sell lobsters and manage their fishery.

Facing our own internal and unconscious bias can be difficult, but without a willingness to learn, to feel the discomfort and to look critically at our privilege, we perpetuate the racism that's embedded in our country's very existence. 

The task of confronting racism head-on is overdue, and it's something that will take effort and time. We have as much to UN-learn as we have to learn. Together, we can do this important work. 

CONTACT US for a hard copy of the poster shown below, to share on your Union Billboard at work. 

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