I'm pregnant; does the vaccine requirement apply to me?


Yukon Government's Public Service Commissioner has advised YEU as follows:

YG employees who are pregnant are required to be fully vaccinated by January 30, 2022, having received the first dose by November 30, 2021, pursuant to the mandatory vaccine regulations soon to be in effect.

Any YG employee can request a medical exemption from the requirement to be fully vaccinated through their family physician.  Pregnant woman can talk to their doctor and start the medical exemption approval process if they choose to do so. 

Regarding maternity leave benefits, both employment insurance (EI) and maternity leave allowance payments (top up); YG has no control over the EI portion of maternity leave and there are many variables in an employee’s personal situation that can impact their EI application and eligibility period.  Regarding top up, in order to be eligible for it, an employee must be approved for, and in receipt of EI as per the collective agreement. 

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