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"The Labour Movement was the principal force that transformed misery and despair into hope and progress"

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

We know that when workers come together, we can do great things! 

A Local Organizer brings co-workers together to promote fairness and better working conditions in the workplace.

You can learn how to do this work.  Apply to become a YEU Local Organizer

Local Organizers commit to this role for a 1-year period. 

If selected, you will first participate in a 2-day workshop on Local Organizing. Over these 2 days, we explore how unions win big when they have an "engaged" membership. We'll learn about the various approaches that organizers use to get there. There will be lots of practice! Then you will begin to map out a plan of action for your local.

Following this workshop, you will spend one to two days a month doing organizing work. We'll continue to meet regularly
throughout 2022 to learn from each other and from other unions.

To apply to become a Local Organizer, please complete this form ASAP.


To find out more about this project, please read the FAQ for Local Organizers and our webpage for this pilot project

and contact Lynne Pajot if you have additional questions.


Date and time
April 27, 2022 at 9:00am - April 28, 2022
Lucy Jackson Training Room
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