Organizing for a Stronger Union

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"The Labour Movement was the principal force that transformed misery and despair into hope and progress"

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

We're excited to launch a one-year pilot project that will help build a stronger union at the local level. The YEU with support from PSAC is developing a network of trained Local Organizers who will connect with members and plan engaging activities.   

Why Organize?

Unions give workers a strong collective voice so that we have dignity and respect at work. Organizing is necessary to have strong unions. Workers can win big in the face of big challenges if we build power and unity in the workplace. We organize to build knowledge and power and then use it when we need to. An organized workplace engages members through the lens of union values of solidarity, safety, interdependence, inclusion, and the common good. 

Click here to read more about organizing in a union Local.

How will Local Organizers do this work of organizing?

Local Organizers participated in a 2-day workshop in June of 2022 to learn organizing skills: how to have engaging conversations with members, how to map workplaces, and how to develop a plan of action for each Local.

Throughout the year, Local Organizers will run activities that the Local wants and needs. They can range from orienting new members to the union to building support for upcoming negotiations.  

The amount of time that each Local Organizer will spend on organizing activities will vary from Local to Local. At least 18 days over the year is planned.

For more information about the Local Organizer role, check out the FAQ.

Who can be a Local Organizer?

Any member of the YEU can be a Local Organizer. Local Organizers are selected from applicants who demonstrate an interest and a commitment to building a stronger union.

Interested members can still step up and be Local Organizers.

There is a 3-day course coming up on September 21-22-13 that will give you many of the skills to engage your co-workers. The deadline for applying to this course is August 31st. 

Member Engagement - Member Action

Please contact Lynne Pajot for more information on Local Organizing.

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