DBplus Pension Info for Y046 Members

Congratulations to Local Y046 Whitehorse Municipal Employees on successfully negotiating a defined benefit pension plan for city employees! 

During the last round of bargaining, the union was able to negotiate a move from the Sunlife RRSP plan to a defined benefit plan, CAAT*. The City is on track to join the CAAT Pension Plan under the DBplus plan on December 14, 2022.

*It's important to note that you do not need to make a decision right away on your RRSPs. They will remain with Sunlife until you retire or when you choose to move them to the pension plan. 

Here are few key steps you can take to help prepare for the transition:

  • Start by looking into the DBplus plan to learn more about this benefit (there are several additional links below)

  • Contact Sunlife to get professional and individual advice for your finances.

1. You can login to MySunlife App - no change to your RRSP account information.
2. Call 1-866-733-8613
3. Contact local Sunlife Advisor Rachel Jessup

  • As of December 14, 2022, there will be a direct line to CAAT which members can call for personalized financial advice
  • MOST IMPORTANT: Please sign up for one of the information sessions offered by the city (registration links below)

As a member of Local YO46, you are invited to attend an upcoming Introduction to DBplus information session hosted by the CAAT Pension Plan, where you will learn more about your new defined benefit pension plan.  The session is expected to be 90 minutes in length including plenty of time for questions.

To participate in a session (in person, or virtual on Nov 24), please choose one of the sessions below and register on the link:

Your partner is welcome to join you, but please make sure you register them so organizers can keep track of numbers for room capacity.

CAAT Pension Plan – City of Whitehorse – Introduction to DBplus Sessions



Start Time


Registration Link

November 15, 2022


6 am YT

Operations building, Main Lunchroom, 187 Range Rd


November 15, 2022


2 pm YT

8:30pm YT

Operations building, Main Lunchroom, 187 Range Rd



November 16, 2022


1 pm YT

Operations building, Main Lunchroom, 187 Range Rd


November 16, 2022


7 pm YT

Games Center, Main boardroom, 200 Hamilton Blvd


November 24, 2022


9 am YT (11 am EST)




Most are in-person sessions with one virtual session scheduled for November 24th. Sessions will be recorded so please contact [email protected] if you need access to a recording.  Please ensure that you register for the ONE session that best suits your schedule.

Once you’re enrolled (December 14) in DBplus, CAAT will also send you a welcome package with more information, as well as a Membership Certificate.

Want to learn more in the meantime?

Watch these short videos on the value of DBplus:

Visit www.caatpension.ca for more resources, including:

If you have any questions at all please feel free to reach out to James Infantino, PSAC Pension & Disability Advisor, or your Pension Committee members who have worked for years to make this change happen: Gary McKone, Dale Cebuliak, Raylene Murphy, Micah Olesh and Mike Albertini.

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