Can I grieve the vaccine mandate?


The COVID-19 vaccine mandate will affect the entire bargaining unit. As a result, the most appropriate grievance will be a policy grievance. Policy grievances are filed by the Union on behalf of the bargaining unit.

At this time, while the Union supports vaccination, there are concerns that announcing the decision prior to implementing of a policy was arbitrary. The Union is exploring several options to address any concerns about arbitrariness.

There may be some unique circumstances where an individual grievance is warranted, such as if a medical or religious exemption is denied. Members in these circumstances should do an intake with the Yukon Employees’ Union to discuss their individual circumstances. Members who are denied a medical or religious exemption may also wish to do an intake with the Yukon Human Rights Commission. Please remember that the grievance process is a retroactive process that can take considerable time to resolve, and the Union cannot guarantee success or a lack of impact on members while the grievance process unfolds.

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