Yukon Bonus - Policy Grievances in Action

Some members from Yukon Government recently approached YEU for assistance because their Yukon Bonus had been reduced.  We learned that these members were on reduced hours at work, and therefore on partial leave without pay. 

The collective agreement with YG states that the Yukon Bonus will be reduced if someone is on leave without pay for 30 consecutive calendar days.  However, these members who were on partial leave without pay were not away from work for 30 consecutive days, and therefore should not have their Bonus reduced.

33.05 If a regular employee takes authorized leave without pay in excess of 30 consecutive
calendar days, other than maternity or parental leave, his/her Yukon Bonus shall be
reduced proportionally for each period of 30 consecutive calendar days of leave without
pay that s/he takes.

YEU filed a policy grievance alleging that the employer’s practice does not follow our agreement in article 33.05.  The employer acknowledged the error and has sent instructions to all departments to correct it.  Going forward, employees on temporarily reduced hours should no longer have their Yukon Bonus reduced unless they are on LWOP for more than 30 consecutive calendar days.   

If something in your workplace isn't working, please reach out to your Shop Steward, a member of your Local Executive or the staff at the YEU Hall. We're all here to help. 

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