YG/YEU Contract Vote Frequently Asked Questions:

Lots of questions are coming in to us regarding this Ratification tour. Here are the most frequent:

Q. Why is this vote being held in the middle of the summer?
A. We are holding the vote, as usual, about 6 weeks after a tentative agreement is reached. That is how long it generally takes for the agreements to go through “legal” on both sides, to prepare the necessary ratification kits and to organize the meetings in each community across the territory.

Q. I’ll be on holiday. Can I vote in advance, by proxy or by phone or online?
A. No. Unfortunately that is not an option this time around. We are a component of a national organization, and are governed by the regulations of the PSAC. Although the options listed above have been considered at the national level, there has not yet been a move toward adopting a new process. This may change in future, but at this time is not available to us.

Q. Can I vote in a Yukon community outside my community of residence or work?
A. Yes. You can attend any of the Ratification meetings listed, but of course can only vote once.

Q. Will I be able to see the proposed changes before the meetings?
A. The ratification kit will be released at the first meeting, Sunday July 14th. Once that meeting has taken place, the proposed changes will be posted to our website and will be available for review.

If you have more questions, please call us at 667-2331. We REALLY hope to see you out at the Ratification meeting closest to you.

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