YG Shop Stewards: Staffing Rights


The staffing process at YG can be difficult for members to navigate. They may come to you with questions like:

"Do I lose my permanent status if I take a Temporary Assignment?"

"How can I become a permanent employee as a Term?"

"Doesn't the employer have to post all competitions?" and "How can I appeal a competition if I am not selected?"

In this Zoom session, we'll cover what stewards need to know about the staffing processes at YG. We'll also discuss what stewards can do when the employer doesn't follow its own guidelines for using Temporary Assignments and AOC.

YEU Labour Relations Advisor Dan Robinson will join us and answer your questions. 

You can take leave under Article 11.10 but only if you RSVP by clicking the red button below!

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Date and time
April 15, 2021 at 3:00pm - 4:30pm
Lynne Pajot · · 8673323370

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