YG Bargaining Update – March 14, 2013

The Union Main Table bargaining team met with the employer team to exchange opening proposals during the week of March 11 in Whitehorse.

Special Leave – Article 24

The team was disappointed but not surprised when the employer proposed the discontinuation of the Special Leave Pilot Project. The previous contract resulted in an agreement to a pilot program that allowed for increased flexibility in the use of Special Leave (Appendix A).

At the bargaining conference members were clear about keeping those provisions and members established Special Leave as one of the key priorities for this round of negotiations.

The changes to Special Leave have been particularly helpful to members who work in remote and rural locations. By the very fact of where they work,members need the increased flexibility just to be able to travel in and out of their communities for routine access to services and goods that are not available where they work.

More generally,members have told us that they appreciate the ability to use the leave responsibly and at their discretion. The reintroduction of the old artificial limitations fly in the face of creating a working environment that provides sensible options to members that allow them to balance their work and home.

The Union team disagrees strongly with the ending of the pilot program. In fact;the team proposed that the changed provisions be rolled into the Collective Agreement and become part of Article 24. The team also proposed an expansion of the definition of family to recognize both aboriginal customs and the realities of blended families.

Hours of Work – Article 15

The employer proposals on hours of work remain the same as in pre‐bargaining. This means that YTG is still seeking changes to shifts and shift patterns for Weigh Stations, Copper Ridge, EMR and Residential Care Workers. Membership response has been overwhelming and clear – they are not interested in any changes to their hours of work.

The Union team response remains the same; we are fundamentally opposed and will not agree to the proposed changes to hours of work.

Next Steps

The Union proposals are now posted on the YEU website. More information is to follow and you can expect a membership survey in the near future. Please provide the YEU with your personal email address if you have not already done so and stay connected to your Union by checking in with your steward or checking the www.YEU.ca website regularly. The next bargaining dates are scheduled for April 23 to April 26.

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