YG Bargaining Update March 15, 2023

In accordance with the Yukon Public Service Labour Relations Act, a three-member conciliation board has been officially established.

The Union will berepresented by Gary Cwitco, the Employer representative will be Catharine Readand Jacquie de Aguayo will be chairperson, agreed to by both parties.

Each bargaining team will present their submissions to the board through virtual hearings slated for April 29 and 30, with the possibility of an additional day of hearings if the chairperson of the panel becomes available on April 28.

After the hearings, the board will consider what has been presented and discussed, and will provide a non-binding report to the Labour Relations Board Chairperson within fourteen days, or within a longer period agreed to by the parties, or as directed by the Labour relations Board Chairperson.

The non-binding report will be made public and members will have access to this report.

This is a necessary next step in the bargaining process.


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