YG Bargaining Update April 26, 2013: Union Applies for Conciliation Assistance

Union Applies for Conciliation Assistance

The Yukon Employees’ Union Main Table bargaining team met with the employer team during the week of April 23 in Whitehorse.

While significant progress has been made this past week we have been unable to agree on the key issue of Special Leave (Article 24).  More flexible provisions for Special Leave were introduced as a pilot project in Letter of Understanding A and agreed to at the last round of bargaining.

The Yukon Government wants to discontinue the Special Leave Pilot Project. The Union team does not. An overwhelming majority of YEU members have sent a clear message   – keep the pilot project intact. The Union bargaining team agrees and believes more time is needed in order to accurately assess this pilot project.

Because of the distance between our respective positions on Special Leave, the Union bargaining team will be applying for conciliation early next week.

This means that we have entered a new phase in collective bargaining. Applying for conciliation means approaching an independent third party to assist in resolving outstanding bargaining items.

What does this mean?

This is a normal part of the bargaining process when the Union and management find they cannot easily bridge the distance between. It does not mean that bargaining has stopped. In fact,  your bargaining team will continue to ensure that your issues receive a fair hearing and the respect that they deserve.

Your bargaining team will continue to bargain in good faith and is available to bargain at any time.

In the coming weeks, your main job is to stay active and informed. Watch for more detailed bulletins in the workplace and check the website www.YEU.ca regularly.

If we don’t have your personal email address send it to us at YEU.ca

We encourage you to take part in any activities that your Local may organize to show support for your bargaining team as we negotiate on your behalf.  By supporting your team, you will be sending a strong message to the employer that you want a fair deal that includes untouched Special Leave.

We will provide you with additional information as soon as it comes available.

In Solidarity

Your Bargaining team

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