YEU Triennial Convention 2021

Yukon Employees Union 9th Triennial Convention
October 27 – 29, 2021


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the 2020 Triennial Convention to be postponed to 2021. For the first time, this convention will be held virtually. Tablets will be provided to all delegates attending, as well as a $50 credit for internet usage.

In recreating conventions as virtual events, changes are required to the standard hours of session, agenda, and rules of order utilized by YEU & PSAC. These changes are intended to help delegates address the priority convention business in a manner that respects the challenges of conducting these conventions virtually.

Modifications include:

1. Hours of Session: Will be adjusted to accommodate frequent breaks.

2. Agenda:

a. Shall contain the priorities that convention must address: passing a budget, election of officers, and priority resolutions. The Resolution Committee have been asked to prioritize their resolutions and present their ten (10) priorities to convention. All outstanding resolutions remaining at the conclusion of each convention shall be referred to the Component Executive.

b. The use of guest speakers will be restricted to the PSAC National President Only.

3. Rules of Order: Revised rules of order will be produced to better reflect the functioning of the virtual convention.

Important Dates:

FRIDAY OCTOBER 8: Deadline to submit your Approved Leave form either digitally using the online form linked below or by email or in person



DOWLOAD Nomination form to print and sign in hard copy HERE


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