YEU Strategic Planning 2022

YEU Virtual Strategic Planning Agenda
June 14-17, 2022


Tuesday, June 14:

9:30 am          Plenary: Welcome, opening remarks, Elder Prayer, introductions and what to expect.

10:00 am         Plenary: YEU President Steve Geick. How YEU makes a difference to workers. Review of last Strategic Plan, status updates. Identify top challenges and opportunities from the last plan. Discussion and Q&A

11:00 am         Small Group: Volunteer experience, member experience – what are some of the major challenges your Local has been
                       dealing with, what’s going well, bring questions.

12:00 pm         Lunch break, independent.

1:00 pm          Plenary: Planning for Health and Safety – YEU Vice President Justin Lemphers

2:00 pm           Elective: Building leadership and capacity at the Local level  

4:00 pm           Elective: Open Space – free space to discuss new ideas, concerns, challenges, and opportunities.

Day 1 Summary Report

Wednesday, June 15:

9:30 am           Keynote Speaker, Laurie Antonin, CLC Digital Organizer: Member Engagement, Public Relations, and Social Justice

11:00 am         Elective: Union Education, Outreach and Mobilization; Farris Sobhani, AUPE

12:30 pm         Lunch

1:30 pm           Elective: Member Engagement, Public Relations, and Social Justice

3:30 pm           Elective: Bargaining – the Bigger Picture

Day 2 Summary Report

Thursday, June 16:

9:30 am             Elective: Representation - Stewards and Staff

11:30 am           Break for lunch

12:30 pm           Elective: YEU’s Political Positions; Activism and how we get there

2:30 pm            Plenary – Chris Aylward, PSAC National President – Keynote Address

4:00 pm            Plenary – Open discussion of learnings so far.

Day 3 Summary Report

Friday, June 17:

9:30 AM               Plenary – Decision process, presentation of discussion outcomes for each Elective, topics raised so far.

10:00 am             Elective: Building Leadership and Capacity at the Local Level - (round – up)

11:00 am             Elective: YEU’s Political Positions, Activism and how we get there (round-up)

12:00 pm             Elective: Union Education and Outreach (round – up)

1:00 pm               Elective: Member Engagement, Public Relations & Social Justice (round – up)

2:00 pm               Elective: Representation, Stewards and Staff (round – up)

3:00 pm               Elective: Bargaining – The Big Picture (round up)

4:00 pm               Plenary: round table, commitments, close of event.

Thank you for planning to attend this important  event. Your input and perspective will have a tremendous impact on the work of Yukon Employees' Union over the balance of this electoral term. 

If you haven't yet secured your place in the electives of your choice, please do so asap. Your leave approval must be sent to YEU using the online form linked HERE.

Your personalized schedule will be sent to you by email, reflecting the electives you have selected. Please attend as many of the plenary sessions and keynote speaker presentations as possible. 



YEU 2018-2020 Strategic Plan FINAL Document

YEU 2021 Strategic Plan UPDATE

YEU Strategic Planning

June 14-17, 2022

In each leadership cycle, Yukon Employees' Union holds a strategic planning exercise to map our path between conventions. We invite you to join us in this work June 14-17, 2022.  

We’ll tackle the following topics and build our strategic plan for the remainder of this term:

  • Building Leadership and  Capacity at the Local level
  • YEU’s Political Positions – Activism and how we get there
  • Member Engagement, Public Relations and Social Justice
  • Union Education, Outreach and Mobilization
  • Representation – Stewards and Staff
  • Open Space – bring your union building topics for discussion

Each day will begin with a brief plenary session before participants join small-group discussions on these important topics and more. Each stand-alone session reflects the themes that guide the work of activists and staff. You can join the conversation for one session, for a day, or for the full agenda.

Excellent Guest Speakers and Co-Facilitators:

Our guest speakers are all experienced union activists and leaders who will share with us their stories of successes and challenges faced by union members and activists beyond the Yukon. Several of our speakers will join the elective conversations to bring the broader perspective and inspire us to think big.

This is your union, and you are critical to its ongoing strength. Be part of setting our goals and helping to meet them. You will not lose pay* to attend this or any union training or conference. Please complete the registration form below, selecting the elective sessions you wish to attend. You will be contacted to confirm your registration.



*Please complete and submit your employer's leave request documents citing the appropriate Union Leave article, and complete and submit the YEU leave form. Your loss of wages will be covered for the sessions you attend - please be sure you are clear how much time you will spend away from work.

There may be changes made to the schedule - we will advise all participants of any changes, and will confirm your registration by email.

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